About American Printer

American Printer, now a division of the OutputLinks Communications Group, has been serving graphic arts professionals since 1883 with an unbiased perspective on the business trends and technical innovations and real-life strategies for boosting productivity and profitability. American Printer delivers information to its readers in a new B2MeMagazine platform that represents the best in print-based, cross media communications.

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About OutputLinks Communications Group:  

In September 2011 American Printer was acquired by the OutputLinks Communications Group as a key component of its mission to serve all aspects of the global corporate communications exosphere. OutputLinks Communications Group is the parent organization of a growing set of global business divisions, narrow-casting to various components of the corporate communication ecosphere. Each division, with exception of the GreensheetBIZ subscription newsletter, incorporates a free, centralized, collaborative, non-competitive forum, utilizing web portals, publications, social media, segment-specific search engines and related research tools. The OutputLinks Communications Group divisions include: American Printer, GCWorldBiz, GreensheetBIZ, MPSConnect, CMOConnects, OutputLinks, OutputLinks France, OutputLinks Italy and OutputLinks Latin America.

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Andy & Julie Plata, Co-CEOs of the OutputLinks Communications Group, serve as the publishers of American Printer.

Andy and Julie Plata are business and married partners. Their OutputLinks Communications Group represents a growing set of narrow-cast business entities providing centralized, collaborative, non-competitive forums that incorporate web portals, newsletters, industry specific search engines and related research tools.

In prior years, Andy & Julie owned and operated a print company as well as print related software and services companies.

The Plata’s are frequent speakers around the world and advise the world’s largest corporations in their communication and marketing strategies.

They can be reached at PLATAs@AmericanPrinter.com .


 Katherine O'Brien serves as the senior editor of American Printer.

She has been writing and editing for almost 20 years. Prior to joining the magazine in 1997, she was the managing editor of Surface Mount Technology and Advance Packaging, trade magazines serving the electronic manufacturing industry. She also worked in the corporate communications department of Aon Consulting; a Chicago-based human resources and employee benefit consulting firm.

She has written a wide variety of prepress, press and postpress and management articles for the magazine. She is the winner of a 2000 Midwest Region award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) in the Signed Editorial category. Katherine is the 2006 recipient of the Tom McMillan Editorial Excellence Award.

Katherine is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she majored in English.

She can be reached at  kobrien@americanprinter.com.