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Crease of mind

Jan 1, 2006 12:00 AM

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Inline scoring, perfing and slitting
Tech-ni-fold’s (Montague, NJ) Tri-Creaser (shown above) eliminates separate die cutting, letterpress or press scoring operations for digital or conventional output. Tri-Creaser provides letterpress or better quality scoring inline on Stahl, MBO, Baumfolder, Herzog & Heymann, Shoei, Vijuk (G&K), Horizon AFC, GUK and Morgana folders as well as on Rollem, Rosback and Pierce scoring machines.

The Tri-Creaser can be attached to a folder or scoring equipment in minutes and reportedly can run any stock at any speed. The specially formulated creasing ring stretches paper fibers, eliminating spine cracking problems.

The vendor’s Micro Perforator provides die quality micro perforations at up to 72 teeth per inch inline on most popular folding machines. Micro Perforator reportedly can produce perfs that are nearly invisible, lay almost perfectly flat, and can be run through color copiers and laser printers in subsequent operations.

Tech-ni-fold’s Multi Tool adds guillotine quality slitting and double-cut trimming inline on folding machines. The knife design enables operators to run two-up, multiple-panel folding jobs on thick cover stocks. Tech-ni-fold also offers Spine Creaser for inline scoring on a saddlestitcher or perfect binder cover feeder.
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High-volume perfing, scoring, slitting Rollem (Anaheim, CA) offers an extensive range of rotary slitting, scoring (creasing) and perforating machinery. Options for high-volume applications include Revolution, a card converting system for playing, phone or trading cards at speeds up to 40 packs per minute; CD Slitter for CD and DVD inlays and covers capable of speeds of up to 7,500 sph; and the BCS II, a two-directional (one pass) slitting machine for business cards. The vendor’s rotary slitters offer accurate two-directional trimming, precise slitting and clean perfs.

Rollem’s latest addition, Advantage, is a perf/score system for digital and sheetfed printers. Available in 24- or 30-inch models, Advantage’s air feeding system prevents cracking and marking. A fully adjustable side-guide guarantees accuracy to a few thousands of an inch. By adding systems such as the Rollem Rollaway, users can run two-directional work and inline with existing eight-page folders, inkjets and gluing systems.
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Slit, cut & crease in a single pass
Building on its DC-545HC slitter/cutter/creaser, Duplo (Santa Ana, CA) features a second-generation machine, the heavy-duty DC-645. The DC-645 automatically adjusts and compensates for image shift. It slits, cuts and creases in a single pass.

Key features include a high duty cycle, capacity for heavier substrates (up to 310 gsm) and larger sheet sizes and an ultrasonic double detection sensor. The system can cut full-bleed, 20-up business cards on a 12 x 18-inch sheet, and it supports the JDF standard.

Short-run slitting, cutting & creasing
Duplo’s DC-545HCEX targets the short-run, on-demand market. In addition to removing white borders left by the digital output device, a special creasing unit helps prevent cracked spines. A barcode reader enables the system to recall preprogrammed jobs, automatically providing up to six slits, 10 cuts and four creases in a single pass. The registration mark recognition feature compensates for image shift. Applications include full-bleed business cards, greeting cards, invitations, brochures, catalogs, posters, book covers and photographs.

Bookletmaking system
The DSF-2000/slit/cut/crease (SCC) bookletmaking system incorporates a DSF-2000 sheet feeder (with optional bar code reader), the SCC unit, a DBM-500 bookletmaker and a DBM-500 trimmer. The SCC unit side slits and trims the head and foot of each sheet, providing an accurate full-bleed trim. Because the trim is registered by a CCD camera to the image, rather than to the physical dimensions of the sheet, image shift can be corrected. The SCC module can crease the cover and innermost sheets of the booklet, or all the sheets in the booklet, preventing image cracking on the fold line.
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Three kinds of creasers
In addition to its numbering systems, Graphic Whizard (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) has a variety of scoring, slitting, perforating, rotary scoring and folding equipment. For on-demand applications, the company offers three versions of its CreaseMaster. The CreaseMaster comes standard with the vendor’s friction feed; the CreaseMaster Pro uses a stream-fed by hand system; and the CreaseMaster PLUS features a digital-friendly horizontal air/suction feed.
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Slitter-shaft accessories
MBO (Westampton, NJ) offers “Super score," a slitter-shaft accessory for scoring inline on its folders. Similar to a press score, Super score is configured as a male- and female-channel score.

“The most difficult paper to score today is cover stock, especially those with coatings to seal in the print, such as aqueous and UV,” says Dave Trutzenbach, MBO’s national manager and chief instructor for the vendor’s folding school. “Coatings dry the paper because heat is applied during the process. Paper requires a certain amount of moisture to stop cracking or splitting and give a more accurate fold.”

According to Trutzenbach, most cover stocks require a reverse score—the score blade goes into the spine on the outside of the fold.

Inline perfing
MBO folders can be configured for inline perfing with the vendor’s Micro perforator. The perforator blade is set in a perforator /knife holder with the tip of the blade positioned between two counter knives.

“Unlike other perforators that have beveled sides, the MBO blade has a ‘V’ cutting point,” notes Trutzenbach. “It is available for our smallest up to most of our larger folders.”

The blades come in four types for the 30-mm shaft size, ranging from 125 to 318 teeth circumference, and three types on the 35-mm shaft size from 185 to 370 teeth.

Slitter-shaft cassette
MBO’s retractable slitter shaft cassette, MWK, is easy to set up. The entire slitter shaft cassette unit on the operator’s side simply slides out without moving the folding unit. There, shafts are docked to be equipped or adjusted, or a second pair of prepared shafts installed.

Working widths range from 26 to 44 inches for the parallel, 8-pp or 16-pp sections depending on machine size section of Combi and buckle folding machines.
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Integrated creasing and folding for digital printers
Morgana Systems’ (Marietta, GA) DigiFold reportedly is the world’s first integrated creaser and folder, combining Morgana’s blade and matrix creasing technology with a new folding method that will not mark or scratch sensitive materials. It can work in two ways: As an integrated creaser/folder performing both functions in a single pass or as a stand-alone creaser.

Rather than buckle plates or conventional knives, the folding system uses an electronically controlled “flying knife” contoured around the extra-large diameter rollers and moving at the same speed as the material passing through the machine. It also uses a sheet deflector that only comes in contact with the leading edge of the sheet. Single or multiple folds can be made without scratching or marking.

Morgana also offers Autocreaser for creasing on-demand or conventionally printed jobs; DocuMaster, a combination high-speed creaser and booklet maker; and Morgana Major, an air-feed folder for on-demand applications.
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Tabletop perfing & scoring
Baumfolder’s (Sidney, OH) tabletop folder line is offered with the UltraScore perf/score attachment. It’s easy to convert a Baum folder to a scoring machine and back to a folder, eliminating the need for an extra machine dedicated to occasional perfing, scoring or slitting work.

The scoring shafts have micrometer adjustments for precisely controlling the depth of the score to accommodate various types and weights of stock. The perf/score attachment includes an upper blade holder assembly, lower head, scoring blade, slitting blade and a 24-tooth perforator blade.
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Folding digitally printed jobs
Standard Finishing Systems (Andover, MA) recently introduced the Standard Horizon AFC-544FKT folder with fully automated setup. Specially formulated combination roller and scoring systems ensure the folder can handle sensitive digitally imaged sheets without marking. See

Perfing on demand
Folding specialist GBR (Chester, CT), a subsidiary of Mathias Bäuerle, offers a variety of on-demand options. The Tecnau Perfoflex TC 1550 links with digital printers, unwinders, rewinders, cutters and other devices for cross and length dynamic perforation. See

12-up business card slitter
Therm-o-Type’s (Nokomis, FL) AutoPro12 accurately slits 12-up business cards. Features include friction feeder, gutter-cut slitting blades, four-digit counter, jam detect/interrupt, removable blade cassettes and an alignment table with micro registration and skew adjustment. See

Business card slitters
RB/Sun Enterprises (Port Richey, FL) manufactures four-, 10-, and 12-up business card slitters, as well as the Handi-Scor, a scoring and perforating machine. See

Not just for perfing
Pierce Equipment’s (Nashville, TN) Perf-A-Matic can also score and slit, with a rated speed of up to 20,000 linear ft. per hour. See

Paper or plastic?
MGI USA (Melbourne, FL) specializes in digital printing and finishing for paper and plastics. Its UFA3 mulitfunction finishing system offers single-pass horizontal and vertical cutting, slitting, scoring, creasing and perforating. See

Folder attachments
Vijuk’s (Elmhurst, IL) folder attachments inlcudes a timed scoring, perforating, cutting and gluing unit that enables the production of leaflets with tear-out or dropout business reply cards, glued-spine booklets, and self-mailers. See

A sharper image
Jorson and Carlson (Elk Grove Village, IL) specializes in replacement circular blades for slitting, scoring and perfing equipment. See

Inline on your press
H.S. Boyd and Print Craft offer systems that let printers add inline die cutting to existing offset presses.