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A master mailer

Mar 1, 2005 12:00 AM

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Being in a service industry is a constant challenge," says Judy Antisdel, president of Anne-Tisdale & Assoc. (Towson, MD). Founded in 1987, the firm has evolved from a mailing list broker to an in-house operation offering a complete range of mailshop services. The company name was derived from an old European version of the Antisdel’s family name.

The company has always used Rena Systems (Oaks, PA) for its addressing needs. Last year, Anne-Tisdale upgraded to the Rena XPS-3000 console addressing system. "We wanted to be sure we were up to speed within the industry by using faster inkjet technology," says Antisdel.

The mailshop prints a varietyof pieces including postcards, No. 10 envelopes, brochures and periodicals. Average monthly volume ranges from 200,000 to 400,000 pieces but increases to 500,000 to a million pieces per month during busy periods. "Our productivity has increased substantially with the Rena XPS-3000," Antisdel comments. "We’re able to process more mail and larger volumes for our clients. The software is Windows-based and simple to operate. We can now process our mail three times faster than with our previous equipment."

Quality and compliance
Anne-Tisdale also addresses unusual materials such as light stock or bond paper. With a full vacuum base, the XPS-3000 can hold pieces closely, resulting in a good inkjet impression. The unit also can process glossy and thick stocks without jamming.

Multiple print heads comprise another feature of the Rena XPS-3000. "We purchased three of the four available heads that come with the unit," Antisdel says. "This means we can get a much larger ink coverage area to print things like a return address, the indicia, a color teaser and the address information all in one pass."

According to Antisdel, one of the biggest advantages of the XPS-3000 is the accuracy and quality of the barcode printing. The unit is compliant with MERLIN, the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) Mailing Evaluation Readability Lookup Instrument, which verifies barcode readability and consistency. MERLIN requires a 90 percent read rate accuracy to qualify for the full automation postal rate. She says, "With the XPS-3000, we’ve always achieved full compliance to qualify for the best rate."

A winning combination
Antisdel feels that the combination of people and machinery produces a quality product for Anne-Tisdale clients. She adds, "The conscientious effort of our operators along with the technology of the Rena XPS-3000 are what make it happen."

Mommas know best
Anne-Tisdale & Associates has an unsual URL: Noting that most of Judy Antisdel’s crew were either retired or mothers, a delivery truck driver began referring to the 20 or so employees as "Mailing House Mommas." The name stuck—today the company proudly bills itself as the "home the Mailing House Mommas."

Anne-Tisdale’s clients include nonprofits, hospitals, attorneys and universities. The Mommas offers expert mailing list advice and a wide range of mailshop services.

Antisdel and her staff are proud of the many citations the company has earned, including the United States Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Award, the USPS National Postal Form Design Idea Award and a nomination for the USPS Customer Satisfaction Award.