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Paper & ink roundup, Part 1

May 1, 2005 12:00 AM

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Bonus Feature

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Paper makes it possible

Fabric transfer paper
Xerox (Rochester, NY) Digital Color Select Gloss are coated two-sided papers for high-volume production work such as flyers and brochures. With a blue-white shade and 90 brightness level, these papers reportedly are comparable to coated offset products, but are optimized for digital performance.

Xerox also offers Digital EA Color Transfer Paper for creating images that can be transferred to fabric-based materials like t-shirts and tote bags.
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Environmentally friendly papers
Neenah Paper (Alpharetta, GA) has received chain-of-custody certification for Environment Paper’s 100 Percent Post-Consumer Fiber options. Environment Papers are available in four categories: Environment 100 Percent Post-Consumer Fiber FSC Certified, made without chlorine or new tree fiber; Environment FSC Certified with a minimum of 20 percent virgin FSC-certified fiber; Environment Alternative Fiber, containing 50 percent sugar cane bagasse and 50 percent recycled fiber, including 30 percent post-consumer materials; and Environment 100 Percent Recycled, including 30 percent post-consumer fiber.
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Coated paper tackles scuffing issues
Innova (Lincoln Park, NJ)uses Opti-coat to prevent scuffing on a full range of photographic and watercolor papers for fine art, professional photographic and digital printing applications. New papers include 315 cold press alpha cellulose base material (a top grade watercolor type paper) and a 450 smooth cotton bright white (a heavy paper for photographic printing). Opti-coat papers reportedly experience less less scuffing and dust, and won’t flake.
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We’re gonna need a bigger boat
International Paper’s (Memphis, TN) Great White brand joins the company’s Hammermill collection of papers. The recycled office paper contains 30 percent post-consumer fiber, resists copier curl and jamming, is acid free and is guaranteed for use on all office machines. It is available in an 84 brightness, 20-lb. sheet.
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Small quantities and specialty papers
The PaperMill (TPMS) offers small quantities of premium text and cover papers with matching envelopes, including translucents; cast-coated C/1S and C/2S in white and colors; inkjet and laser papers; digital papers; specialty embossed papers; recycled content papers; and mica-coated metallic papers.

TPMS is supplied directly by CTI Paper USA, Fraser Papers, Leader Paper Products, Monadnock Papers, Smart Papers, Wausau Paper and Williamhouse/National Envelope.
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Utopian swatchbook
In addition to samples for each grade, finish and weight, the Appleton Coated (Kimberly, WI) Utopia swatchbook includes a print comparison of line art, black halftone, duotone, four-color process and metallics, with and without varnish on all grades and finishes.
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FSC-certified uncoated papers
SMART Papers (Hamilton, OH) has updated and improved its uncoated Synergy line of recycled writing, text and cover papers. The FSC-certified papers are now stocked in white and natural colors. These papers are made with 100 percent post-consumer waste fibers.

New additions include deep color cover weights in a variety of finishes. Additionally, new color duplex sheets and new lightweight sheets in five different colors are geared toward projects requring less weight and bulk. All Synergy papers are guaranteed for inkjet and laser printers.
See or call (800) 443-9773. Circle 170 or visit

Digital and direct imaging papers
Unisource (Norcross, GA) has added Technisource to its private brand paper line. Targeting digital printing and business imaging applications, Technisource includes gloss coated, matte coated and uncoated color copy papers in a variety of basis weights and sizes.

The new papers can be used with desktop and production digital printing devices as well as inkjet printers and offset and direct imaging printing presses.
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Brushed, metallized papers
Brushfoil (Guilford, CT) has achieved a brushed, metallized appearance on the surface of its paper stocks. Available in rolls and sheets in a variety of metallic colors and patterns, Brushfoil papers can be printed with UV and other ink systems. Paper samples are available at
or by calling (800) 493-2321.
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Online swatchbook
Imagine having more than 3,500 papers at your fingertips! That’s PaperSpecs, an all-in-one online swatchbook. Search its up-to-date and comprehensive database by color, finish, weight or brand.

To subscribe to PaperSpecs’ free e-mail newsletter for news, tips and insights on paper, visit
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Sweet swatchbooks for fine, mica-coated and translucents
CTI Paper USA (Sun Prairie, WI) swatchbook for The Fine Paper Collection (TFPC) includes ASPIRE Petallics, Bindakote, Constellation Jade, Glama Natural and VIRUTAL.

Glama Natural translucent printing papers offer new colors (rose, blush, kiwi, turquoise and violet), a clear 65-lb. cover and recycled 17-, 24- and 36-lb. papers. The papers boast uniform fiber formation and smooth surfaces.

ASPIRE Petallics mica-coated colored papers come in coated metallic colors (silver, copper, gold, white, yellow, pink, blue, purple, green and aqua). All but gold are available in 80-lb. text and 98-lb. cover. Standard inks appear metallic when printed on Constellation Jade mica-coated embossed papers’ country, spring, satin or reptile embossed surfaces. The reverse side has a wash for multicolor reproduction.

Bindakote cast-coated papers are available in a brighter blue-white shade and 60-lb. wet strength label as well as 17 other deep and metallic C1S colors. Features include a smooth surface, good lay-flat, high durability and a flexible surface for crack-resistant folding/scoring.

VIRTUAL translucent printing papers offer 12 colors, four textured whites and two traditional parchment surfaces in a variety of weights.
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Fortune, Productolith look brighter
Stora Enso’s (Stamford, CT) Productolith and Fortune swatchbooks provide all the finish and weight information designers, print production managers, print buyers and printers need.

The swatchbooks include updated specifications for Productolith (91) brightness and Fortune (88) brightness. The new brightness specifications represent gradual, subtle changes to the optics.
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Mohawk debuts Color Copy
Mohawk (Cohoes, NY) has applied its expertise in digital printing and crafting heavy weight papers to develop Mohawk Color Copy 100 lb. cover. Mohawk Color Copy 96 moves up two points in brightness. The new Mohawk Color Copy 98, in 100 lb. cover will be available in the following sizes: 81⁄2 x 11 inches, 17 x 11 inches and 18 x 12 inches. The expanded line will be introduced at On Demand. See or call 1-800-THE-MILL.
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Fabric envelopes deliver more
Denim and lace envelopes are among the new products offered by the Cloth Envelope Co. (Traverse City, MI). The fabric envelopes can be mailed with standard self-adhesive stamps and can be hand addressed or labeled.

The reusable envelopes are available in a variety of sizes.
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Bigger, brighter opaque paper
Domtar (Montreal) has enhanced its Titanium opaque sheet to offer higher brightness (96 GE) and a new 120-lb. cover weight available in two SKUs. The Domtar Titanium line now features 50- to 100-lb. text stock and 65- to 120-lb. covers. Press-ready skids are available.
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Lightweight papers take a load off
BowGloss, Bowater’s (Greenville, SC) coated mechanical No. 5 grade, now is available in 32- and 34-lb. basis weights. Additionally, BowSCB+ is availble in 26-, 28- and 30-lb. basis weights. Both brands reportedly offer good bulking and opacity characteristics and are designed for inserts, catalogs, magazines and direct mail.
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Paper buyer’s Bible
Some paper buyers refer to Grade Finders, Inc.’s (Exton, PA) Competitive Grade Finder as the "Bible of the industry." The latest edition incorporates the new brightness standards for coated offset and cover classifications.

The European Edition lists papers from European mills that are available in both the European and North American markets. Grade Finders’ Paper Buyers’ Encyclopedia contains more than 3,500 company and 6,500 paper grade listings.

For more information, contact Grade Finders at (610) 524-7070 or visit
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Back to uncoated paper school
Weyerhaeuser (Federal Way, WA) Paper University, a series of paper samples, demonstrates the dynamics of printing on uncoated papers. From prepress to postpress, students learn about the application of various techniques, and how to achieve superior performance from an uncoated sheet. Each brochure was printed on various weights of Cougar Opaque sheets.

For more information, visit
For samples, contact your local paper distributor.
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Shall we dance?
MeadWestvaco’s Packaging Resources Group (Stamford, CT) offers a new folder explaining the benefits of Tango Web Grade graphic paperboards for web presses. Tango C2S is double-blade coated on both sides for side-to-side uniformity and a highly polished shine. The fade-resistant paper achieves high brightness levels without use of Optical Brightness Agents (OBAs).

Suitable for magazine covers, catalog covers, calendars, direct mail, postcards and more, the Tango web line includes C1S and C2S options in 8-, 9- and 10-pt. grades.
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Paper 101: The Basics
Does this sound familiar? "The XYZ Paper mill has made significant improvements to A, B and C, its No. 2 products. A, launched with what is said to offer enhanced smoothness and print uniformity, boasts a 90 brightness and clean blue-white shades in weights from 90-lb. text to 10-pt. cover."

Savvy printers can cut through this marketing fog—but it’s a foreign language to many designers and print buyers. Here’s a handy glossary you can share with your staff and customers. Read more here.

Paper & Ink FAQs
Why are desigers gravitating toward uncoated papers? A softer look in paper is emerging as a popular trend. Corporations want to project a kinder and gentler image, and uncoated smooth and textured sheets help send this message.

Coated paper has historically been the first choice for designs with lots of detail and color that pops, but designers and print buyers now are comparing uncoated with coated sheets for brochures, stationery and manuals. With UV inks and updated prepress technology, the natural surface of uncoated papers has proven to be ideal for four-color process printing. For more paper & ink FAQs, click here.

Fantastic Plastics: A Synthetic Paper Update
Synthetic paper generally refers to nonfiber-based papers, which usually means plastic-based papers. In addition to their main substance (polypropylene or polyolefin), these papers may contain inorganic fillers as well as silica or clay. Key players include Hop-Syn, Polyart, Teslin and Yupo.

Just as every coated paper is different, each synthetic paper has its strengths and weaknesses. The choice of stock is important to avoid problems on press or in finishing, as well as to avoid over-specifying the paper. Read more here.

Buying Paper: Some Handy Tips
What’s the best way to buy paper? Plan, plan, plan. It may seem like common sense, but it’s also sound advice. Whether you need standard papers or commodity grades where no current excess capacity exists, all mills will tell you the same thing: Plan ahead to avoid disappointing your clients. For more paper buying tips, click here.

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