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Komori presents the world's first 40-inch Digital Offset Press

Sep 1, 2000 12:00 AM

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GraphExpo 2000 marks the North American debut of the Komori concept machine equipped with the world's first digital imaging system for a 40" press. Komori's Project D press combines Komori offset press technology with digital imaging technology from


On-Press Digital Precision

Project D features CreoScitex' latest-generation 830-nm thermal heads, which are capable of simultaneous imaging of no-process thermal plates at a resolution of 2400 dpi/200 lpi in under four minutes.

Digital prepress data is stored in the control system and transferred directly to the imaging units for simultaneous imaging of the processless plates. No other preparation is required. Print production starts immediately. Offline systems such as platesetters are eliminated; the workflow is streamlined, with fewer tasks and lower manpower requirements. Also, thermal imaging ensures consistent, predictable and repeatable print quality due to digitally precise plate registration.

Developed jointly with CreoScitex using the proven SQUAREspot[TM] technology found in the largest installed base of CTP systems, this advanced imaging system is just one facet of Project D, an 8-up press so `over spec' that its impact on the industry will be felt for years.

This Digital Offset Platform has a uniquely configured Komori Management System (KMS) to communicate with the Digital Imaging system. KMS is also the interface for outside networks. Ink presetting is easy with the CIP3-based digital workflow. Front-end systems connect to the press through the Komori DoNet (Digital Open Architecture Network).

Komori's Color Management System and the Komori Hi-Performance Inking System (KHS) are also linked with this Digital Offset Platform for lightning-fast makeready.

Image files are prepared using standard workflow packages, such as Brisque, Trueflow or Prinergy. The file is transferred to the RIP to create printable TIFF files for each color. RIPed data for many jobs can be queued in advance on hard disk. When initiated from the press' touch screen, high-performance imaging units simultaneously image thermal processless plates at high resolution within four minutes. Register is adjusted digitally to further reduce makeready time.

Project D is the world's only 40" press which is designed and engineered from the ground up to deliver maximum speed, flexibility and quality for on-press digital plate imaging.

Project D's speed is more than simply its rated 16,000 sph performance. Its ability to image plates that are mounted on the press works with Komori's advanced automation systems to ensure fast turnaround.

40-inch Commercial Format

In designing Project D, Komori focused our development efforts on the 40-inch format for very good reasons.

First was to provide the highest possible print quality in the market's most popular format, as well as to provide maximum productivity by efficiently using manpower and materials while permitting high printing speeds and the integration of Komori's advanced automation and press management systems. Project D provides all the benefits of thermal imaging, with the added benefits of on-press precision, eliminating the time involved for the individual off-press preparation of either digital or conventional plates.

Lithrone Legacy

Project D is heir to the Komori tradition of fundamental innovation and engineering achievement embodied in the Lithrone series. It includes Komori's most advanced networking, press management and automation systems, such as total compatibility with CIP3/4-based digital workflows via Komori DoNet and the productivity-enhancing KHS Hi-Performance Inking System.

Because of Komori's open systems philosophy, Project D can be easily integrated into your existing prepress system.