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On-demand postpress options

Feb 1, 2004 12:00 AM

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Multiple functions for post processing

MBO's (Westampton, NJ) DIGI-Finisher offers multiple functions for printer post processing. The DIGI-Finisher takes printed sheets and folds, collates, stitches, covers and trims them for a finished booklet. Working with variable or fixed data, without requiring machine stops or setups, the DIGI-Finisher can be used inline or offline. Both elements of the DIGI-Finisher, the MBO B-21 folder with pile-feeder and the saddlestitcher, can be used individually for regular folding or stitching jobs too.

One-sided laminator

D&K Group (Elk Grove Village, IL) introduces the System 2760 one-sided laminator. The laminator features a compact feeder that is said to be easy to load. It has swing-out mandrels for easy film-loading, an automatic sheet separator and PLC touchscreen control panel. Quick-changeover embossing rollers are optional.

Single-spindle drill

MBM's (North Charleston, SC) 55 Single Spindle tabletop paper drill offers a two-inch drilling capacity with five preset hole patterns. Drilling diameters range from 7/64- to ½-inch. An easy-release clamp secures the paper.


Duplo's (Santa Ana, CA) DC-545HC slitter/creaser/trimmer is said to be ideal for on-demand and personalized production of business cards, CD inserts, leaflets, calendars, point-of-sale material and similar applications. Standard features such as a fourth slitter and enhanced media handling enable the machine to slit, trim and crease in a single pass. The DC-545HC also can read the printed image, allowing it to automatically adjust and compensate for the common problem of image shift.

The DC-545HC can recall up to 80 programmable jobs from memory. Automatic setup and correction contribute to ease of operation.

Double-sided adhesive

Glue Dots (New Berlin, WI) adhesive products are double-sided, pressure-sensitive “dots” of adhesive on release liner. The adhesive bonds instantly, and can be used to quickly secure promotional pieces in place, attach samples or product information, or ensure clean tipping projects. For free samples or product brochures, visit (888) 688-7131 or

Suction sheet collator

Matik North America (West Hartford, CT) introduces the May-Autoset Combi-Flex automatic suction sheet collator. Unlike other companies' collators, the shaftless machine uses individual servo-motor-driven suction heads to pick and place sheets onto a collecting conveyor. The modular machine is available with up to 36 stations and in 14 × 20- or 20 × 28-inch formats. It has a pile height of 32 inches, and runs at 3,000 sets per hour or 4,800 sets per hour in tandem mode. Computer automation, job storage and many quick-setup features are said to make short runs efficient.

Score, perf and slit

The Champion 990 ETR system from Rollem (Anaheim, CA) scores, perfs and slits digitally printed stock while eliminating cracking or marking. The system can load up to 30 inches of stock at one time, and will run inline with an eight-page folder at up to 18,000 sph. It handles sheets from 4 × 6 inches up to 24 × 29 inches, as well as 20-lb. stock up to 20-pt. board.

Hybrid bookletmaker/saddlestitcher

The high-speed Digi-Stitch DST2 saddlestitcher from IBIS (High Wycombe, UK) operates inline with digital web printers. Sheets are fed individually from the inline web cutter into the DST2 side-register conveyor, where a barcode reader checks the sheet number. Each sheet is individually scored and folded before being collected. A pre-printed cover may be separately fed, folded and automatically added to the other sheets. The sheet set is saddlestitched into a booklet, then moved to the trimming station, where the top, bottom and face-edge are trimmed to the required finished size.

The DST-2 makes small changes in book thickness without interrupting the sheet feed, up to a book thickness of 0.4 inch. An optional center-knife can be used for small book formats.

The Digi-stitcher model DST2-NL operates identically to the DST2, but in offline mode.

Center-feed collator

Global Print Finishing (GPF) (Richardson, TX) announces the Uchida Collator UC-1100. The system efficiently collates a variety of paper: A center-feed system eliminates the need to reposition the bookletmaker and trimmer each time the paper size is changed. The collator is also said to feature a reliable friction-feed system.

The UC-1100 can be connected with major bookletmakers, including GPF's BookMaster line.

Inline hole puncher

Xerox (Rochester, NY) offers the GBC In-line Fusion Punch II, which creates hole-punched documents for mechanical layflat-type binding such as coil-binding. The Fusion Punch II includes an inline stacker, has a configurable punch and handles intermixed stocks. The finisher, which has been offered with Xerox's DocuColors and DocuTechs, is new to the DocuColor iGen3.

Zero-makeready casebinding

GP2 Technologies (Bow, NH) presents the SC-2 Autocase for the short-run and on-demand production of covers for case-bound books, binders and similar turned-edge products.

The SC-2 Autocase produces five covers per minute with one operator and reportedly requires no time for size and material changes. The simple touch of the operator interface reportedly creates covers with different style corners or operates corner trimmers to automatically trim cover material.

High-speed laminator, production punch

The GBC Polaris is an integrated system for single-sided, high-speed lamination. The automated Polaris features an 18-inch paper-pile height for large-capacity runs and can laminate a variety of sheet sizes and paper weights.

Also from GBC (Northbrook, IL) is the Quantum P70iX digital high-speed production punch. Featuring fast, tool-free die-set changeover, a digital control panel and inverter technology, the Quantum is said to support virtually all punching patterns.

Rotary creasing device

Tech-Ni-Fold's Tri-Creaser, distributed in the U.S. by Converting Resource Network (Glen Spey, NY), attaches to folders and reportedly eliminates fiber cracking on 100-lb. C2S stock and up, including digital stocks. The patented rotary creasing device also eliminates the need for separate die-scoring operations.

A specially formulated creasing rib and multiple channel widths reportedly allow even inexperienced operators to create perfectly creased jobs, regardless of grain direction.

The Tri-Creaser can be used with Stahl, MBO, Herzog & Heymann, Shoei, Horizon AFC, GUK and Rollem folding/scoring machines.

Upgraded desktop binder

The upgraded Fastback 15xs desktop binder from Powis Parker (Berkeley, CA) binds books up to 1½ inches thick (from three to 350 sheets) in a wide variety of cover styles: textured, clear, glossy and wraparound. Now with Smart Strip technology, the binder “reads” the pattern on the back of the binding strip, then optimizes the cycle for the type of book being bound. Binding rate is about four books per minute. Pages can withstand 50 lbs. of pull.

Accumulator folder

The Vijuk-G&K accumulator folder, distributed by Vijuk (Elmhurst, IL), feeds and collects precollated sheets in the quantity set by the batch counter, from one to eight sheets. The sets are then aligned and folded together. The accumulator folder can also accept collated sheets from the DocuTech and other digital-print engines. An optional barcode reader can be programmed to vary the counts within a cycle.

High-speed cutter and stacker

Stralfors' (Downers Grove, IL) Lasermax LX500 series components includes the LX560 cutter and LX565 stacker, which work after a high-speed digital printer to precisely cut and stack the paper web into sets, such as complete book blocks. A bypass function also delivers individual sheets inline to a signature folder, stitcher or other finishing machine.

Midrange perfect binder; flexible-configuration bookletmaker

The DemandWorks One Clamp Perfect Binder is Bowe Bell + Howell's (Durham, NC) entry into the midrange perfect-binding market. Rated at 450 books per hour, the single-clamp system can be used near-line with digital printers, allowing a single system to service output from multiple printers.

The binder also features a patented cover-scoring and trimming mechanism, which automatically adjusts to a document's thickness and eliminates the need for three-knife trimming. The dynamic adjustment reportedly allows the system to handle varying page counts within the same job. Reading systems are available for integrity and cover-matching controls.

Also from Bowe Bell + Howell is the DemandWorks Booklet Maker System, which produces booklets from 5½ × 8½ inches to 8½ × 11 inches. Available with an optional book press and precision stacker or conveyors, the system consists of a variety of flexible and high-speed feeders, along with a bookletmaker and face trimmer. It can be configured with feeders that can accept cut sheet, continuous, digital and offset-printed input, or even input from multiple print streams to merge monochrome material with color documents.

The DemandWorks Booklet Maker System can be outfitted with a separate feeder for producing booklets with customized covers. Each individual booklet within a job run can contain different content and varying page counts. Document integrity is maintained through advanced reading systems using 1-D and 2-D barcodes or OCR technology that can be applied to each input for the contents and cover.

Fully automated 3-knife trimmer

Challenge Machinery's CMT 330 three-knife trimmer can be operated in either inline or nearline configuration. The book size is digitally inputted on the control panel and stored into one of 99 job memories. Stored programs can then be recalled and automatically set up in 15 seconds or less by computer-controlled servo motors.

Quick-setup automatic coil inserter

Plastikoil (Winnipeg, Manitoba) offers the PBS 3000QS Quick Setup automatic coil inserter. No tools are required for basic setup and changeover, and pitch changeover is said to be simple and inexpensive. Vertical book placement can accommodate tabs and extended covers. The small-footprint system operates at up to 600 books per hour.

Pre-extruded, pressure-sensitive adhesive

Tacky Spots, pre-extruded pressure-sensitive dabs of glue from Chicago Glue Machine (Itasca, IL), come in standard rolls of 6,000. They are also available in sheets with custom configurations. The adhesive dots are available in low, medium, high or super-high tack.

Impact scoring system

Graphic Whizard's (Mississauga, Ontario) Creasemaster impact scores materials prior to folding, eliminating the problem of toner cracking on digitally printed stock. The system handles a variety of stocks up to 385 gsm and as large as 18 × 25½ inches, at speeds of 50 8½ × 11-inch spm. Backward and forward stepping is said to allow for easy score placement with a single setup sheet, and microprocessor control reportedly ensures accurate results. Up to 100 re-occurring jobs can be stored into memory and recalled at the touch of a button.

The friction-fed Creasemaster uses a top feeding system that virtually eliminates scuffing and allows for the machine to be loaded while running. The Creasemaster Plus+ model features a horizontal air feed appropriate for delicate or glossy stocks.

Integrated perfect binder, 3-knife trimmer line

Muller Martini's (Hauppauge, NY) AmigoDigital perfect binder and Esprit three-knife trimmer will anchor an automated book-production line set to run continuously at the OnDemand show. This system will produce several classic novels that will be donated to New York City schools, as part of the ongoing “Books for Schools” program originated by Delphax.

The Esprit three-knife trimmer can be integrated with short-run to midrange perfect binders. Highlights include a touchscreen console with programmable logic control for automated makeready. Esprit is rated at 2,000 cuts per hour and can trim several books per cutting cycle at maximum thickness capacity in excess of three inches.

Inline saddlestitcher creasing device

Covercrease USA (Woodland Hills, CA) introduces a creasing device that fits on Harris, Macey, Heidelberg, Sheridan and Muller Martini saddle-stitchers. Said to prevent backbone fiber cracking, the Covercrease USA System consists of male/female creasing wheels in which the female creasing wheel is mounted on an appropriate shaft and the male counterpart is mounted onto the drum. The system allows inline creasing and perforating on heavily inked coated materials, UV-coated stock and 14-pt. cover and beyond. Both the creasing wheel and male element can reportedly be changed in a few minutes.

On-demand perfect binding

Spiel Associates (Long Island City, NY) offers the Sterling Digibinder, said to offer one-touch perfect binding for on-demand applications. The Digi-binder is reportedly capable of producing 360 books per hour up to 1½ inches thick. The book size is entered on the keypad and the pneumatic clamp adjusts for book thickness automatically. Rather than notching, a roughing blade roughs the entire backbone of the book. Twin glue rollers ensure even glue application. A compressor is supplied.

Folder with setup automation

The new Standard Horizon AFC-546AKT floor-model folder from Standard Finishing Systems (Andover, MA) features advanced setup automation via a touchscreen control panel that displays fold formats and sheet sizes. The control panel can store up to 100 job settings in memory. Seventeen fold styles are pre-set, with precise stepper motors driving end stops and fold plates to the exact location for the size and fold style selected. This automation reportedly allows setup in as little as 14 seconds.

The AFC-546AKT is equipped with six fold plates. The folder can handle papers up to a maximum sheet length of 43.3 inches, at speeds up to 35,000 sph.