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Paper & ink roundup

May 1, 2004 12:00 AM

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Upgraded paper lines

Sappi (Boston) has made significant improvements to its No. 2 products, Aero, Opus and Northwest. Aero, launched with what is said to be enhanced smoothness and print uniformity, boasts a 90 brightness and clean blue-white shades in weights from 90-lb. text to 10-pt. cover. Manufactured with a finishing process that provides a higher bulk-to-weight ratio than conventionally calendered gloss-coated papers, Aero is said to feel substantial but is actually “postage-friendly” in terms of its weight.

Opus has been upgraded to a 92 brightness level with clean blue-white styling. Optically engineered to reproduce more colors, the new Opus reportedly makes it easier for printers to match proofs and press sheets. Opus is available in gloss, dull, matte and a new satin finish (web only). Sappi's Northwest papers have received the same improvements as Opus. Northwest is available in gloss and dull. For more information, call (800) 882-IDEA.

Range of fine paper grades

Weyerhaeuser (Federal Way, WA) carries a number of paper grades to meet commercial printing, publishing and business applications. Among these are Cougar Opaque, Lynx Opaque and Husky Offset. All Weyerhaeuser fine paper is backed by the company's guaranteed performance.

Fast paperboard delivery

Tembec Paperboard Group (Montreal) offers the Quick Turn Program for guaranteed delivery of its full bleached coated paperboard within two to five business days to the Midwest and Northeast U.S. The program covers Tembec's Kallima coated cover C1S plus in 8-, 10- and 12-pt.; and Kallima C1S blanks in 15- and 18-pt. Substrates are available in sheet sizes of 10 × 16 inches and larger, in custom and stock skids. No minimum order is required. Call (800) 411-7011.

Improved, smooth coated paper

Mohawk Paper Mills (Cohoes, NY) has improved its Mohawk 50/10 smooth coated paper. Mohawk 50/10 ultra is available in two new shades, including a 96-bright blue-white that is said to intensify color clarity and contrast, especially in print work featuring four-color process photography. Mohawk 50/10 is available in matte, digital gloss and linen finishes. To order, call (800) THE-MILL or contact your local paper merchant.

High-end opaque paper

Strathmore Premium Opaque high-end paper from International Paper (IP) (Memphis) is said to be ideal for annual reports, direct-mail campaigns, brochures, premium catalogs and company print collateral. Offered in bright white and natural shades, with smooth and vellum finishes, Strathmore Premium Opaque is available in five different text weights (50-, 60-, 70-, 80- and 100-lb.) and five cover weights (65-, 80-, 100-, 130- and 160-lb.). The product carries IP's electronic imaging guarantee that the substrate will run on offset presses, copiers, laser printers, inkjet printers and plain-paper fax machines.

Mica-coated colored paper

CTI Paper USA (Sun Prairie, WI) has added Aspire Petallics to its fine paper collection. Aspire Petallics is a mica-coated, colored paper said to be inspired by the natural beauty of the petals and metals of North America. The papers are available in 80-lb. text and 98-lb. cover. Text stock is offered in an 8½ × 11-inch or 25 × 38-inch size. The cover stock is offered in 8½ × 11-inch and 26 × 40-inch sizes.

The paper is made using specially formulated non-metallic coatings, which reportedly optimize the combination of paper, pigments and mica. The line includes six soft petal shades as well as copper and silver ore. To order, contact a CTI-authorized paper merchant or visit

Color-coded packaging

Domtar (Montreal) has standardized its packaging. Color-coded product labels are placed in the same location on all grades for quick identification. Product information is given in English, French and Spanish. The packaging for business and publication papers was introduced in April; commercial printing and text, cover and writing papers will follow later in the year.

Updated swatchbooks are available for Domtar's offset, opaque and coated printing papers (Windsor, Whitehall, Plainfield, Cornwall, Colors and Hots) as well as its cutsize business products and text, cover and writing coated papers. Call (800) 6-DOMTAR.

Carbonless paper promotion

Appleton's (Appleton, WI) NCR Paper brand of carbonless paper consists of liquid dye and oil-filled microcapsules dispersed within a solid coating. The paper is available in roll and sheet grades. To celebrate 50 years of sales, Appleton is giving away a 1954 Corvette. Specially marked cases of NCR Paper brand Superior and Xero/Form II carbonless paper will include a scratch-off game card. This promotion will run through Feb. 28, 2005. For more information, call (866) 289-8073 or visit

New coated groundwood grades

UPM (Westmont, IL) has added two new coated groundwood grades to its Hi-Brite category of publication papers, UPM Finesse and UPM Star. UPM Finesse is a blue-white, coated, woodfree paper suitable for advertising, annual reports, brochures, catalogs, direct mail, newspaper supplements and more. The 95-bright paper is available in gloss, silk, premium silk and matte finishes, in both rolls and sheets.

UPM Star, the company's groundwood flagship paper, reportedly has the look and feel of a freesheet but offers better opacity. The coated sheet's 88 brightness and smoothness are said to make images with intricate details appear even sharper. UPM Star is available in gloss, silk and matte finishes, in rolls only.

Brighter white paper

HiRes from Stora Enso (Stamford, CT) now has a brightness level of 98. The paper's white shade and smooth surface are said to work well for both color and black-and-white printing applications. HiRes is available in 24- and 28-lb. writing as well as 8½ × 11-inch and 17 × 11-inch cut sizes. Stora Enso also offers Futura Laser, 4CC Color Copy, MultiCopy, Productolith and Centura digital papers. For more information, call (800) 322-7377 ext. 32389 or visit

Cotton business papers

Crane & Co., Inc. (Dalton, MA) has introduced Crane's Choice, its first line of 25 percent cotton business papers. Available in azure blue, moonstone grey and three shades of white, the paper comes in watermarked and unwatermarked 24- and 28-lb. basis weights, with matching envelopes. The line also includes 90- and 110-lb. cover weights, plus label stock. All products are laser- and inkjet-guaranteed. Call (800) 233-5461 or see

Ream-wrap packaging alternative

Boise Paper Solutions' (Itasca, IL) paper packaging reportedly enables users to load paper into printers and copiers three times faster than regular ream-wrapped paper. The speed-loading box (“SPLOX”) is a 25-lb. box containing 2,500 sheets of unwrapped office paper. An integrated handle makes it easier for users to carry two 25-lb. SPLOX boxes rather than one 50-lb. carton of ream-wrapped paper. See

Demonstration kit

MeadWestvaco Papers Group (Dayton, OH) has introduced an educational demonstration piece, True Knowledge, which demonstrates the effects of various printing techniques on the company's Signature True text and cover papers. The kit consists of four volumes, each containing three four-page brochures and displaying different printing applications, including metallic and fluorescent touchplates, stochastic screens, varnishes, aqueous coatings and UV inks.

The No. 1 grade Signature True blue-white papers are available in 80- and 100-lb. text and 80-, 100- and 120-lb. cover weights. For more information, call (800) 638-3313 or visit

New acid-free paper lines

After a multimillion dollar mill upgrade, Wausau Papers (Wausau, WI) is offering two new acid-free paper lines, Royal Complements and Royal SilkPlus.

The Royal Complements line features bold-colored, 100-lb. cover stock with an antique finish, available in 11 exclusive shades, such as citron and Tuscan sun. Royal Complements, which come in 100-sheet packages, are offered in 35 × 23-inch and 26 × 40-inch sizes, and are reportedly good for embossing, diecutting, foil stamping and engraving.

Royal SilkPlus replaces the former Royal Silk line, reportedly offering a smoother paper with better formation, ink holdout, opacity and color options. The line comes in brilliant, bright white and cool white, as well as five pale-colored shades. See

Durable synthetic papers

Yupo Corp. America's (Chesapeake, VA) synthetic commercial papers are reportedly waterproof, flexible, and resistant to tears, scratches and chemicals. Available in both text and cover stock, the smooth paper is manufactured from polypropylene and calcium carbonate. All grades of the paper are 100 percent recyclable.

Yupo is accepting entries for its 2004 Wally Awards competition, which recognizes achievements in design on YUPO papers. Winners will receive $1,000 and Adobe InDesign CS software. Deadline is September 15. For more information, visit To order Yupo papers, call (888) USE-YUPO or visit

Improved basics and novelty papers

Zanders USA Inc. (Norwalk, CT) has changed its name to M-real NJ Service Corp., following its integration into the M-real USA Corp. The company will continue to offer Zanders Mega and Chromolux papers, and has relaunched its Zanders Ikono premium paper. Quality improvements to the Ikono line reportedly have resulted in better whiteness, surface appearance and texture. Ikono Silk Ivory now comes in a more off-white shade. The Ikono Special line includes novelty papers with a shimmery, mother-of-pearl sheen, available in gold, silver and bronze shades. See or

ID cards; tear-resistant papers

Xerox Corp. (Stamford, CT) has introduced new products designed for Xerox digital monochrome and color presses. Five new ID card configurations have been released for applications such as membership cards, promotional discount cards, HMO identification and visitor's badges.

Xerox is also launching a color-enabled Never-Tear synthetic paper. The tear- and moisture-resistant papers will be available in 8½ × 11-inch and 11 × 17-inch sheets as of June 1. See

Metallic color system

Eckart GmbH & Co. KG (Nuremberg, Germany) will be the first officially licensed supplier of silver base inks for MetalFX Technology's metallic color system. The MetalFX product is a metallic color library and software-based system that can be used with major design software tools to create what is said to be up to 104 million metallic colors and effects. The entire MetalFX kit contains the MFX swatchbook with 615 metallic colors, UV and flexo target charts, software and a 40-page user guide. See

High-gloss ink series

Van Son Holland Ink Corp.'s (Islandia, NY) latest ink formulation offers a high-gloss, rub-resistant and laser-safe surface, suitable for aqueous or UV coating. The VS5 series inks are available in process colors, intense black and all Pantone base inks. The company plans to release a UV-curing version as well as an environment-friendly series in the future. For more information, see

Inkjet printing and presentation papers

SMART Papers (Hamilton, OH) has added two new papers to its Kromekote line. The Kromekote Inkjet Studio Picture Paper is a PE resin-coated inkjet photo base with microporous coating technology, reportedly for true photo-quality prints. Available in 8½ × 11-inch and 4 × 6½-inch sizes, this paper reportedly dries instantly, is moisture resistant and compatible with all desktop-printing devices.

Kromekote Inkjet Presentation Paper, designed for brochures, presentations, sell sheets and advertising media, is coated on two sides and also reportedly dries immediately. This sheet is available in shelf-ready, full-color 100-sheet resealable packages. Call (800) 443-9773.

Versatile, mineral oil-free sheetfed inks

The World Series sheetfed process inks from Sun Chemical (Northlake, IL) are based on vegetable oils and are 100 percent mineral-oil-free. These inks are reportedly versatile enough to run on virtually all four-color presses, including both large- and small-format and perfecting presses. Paired with specially designed fountain solutions and coatings from Sun Chemical, the World Series inks can be used on a variety of substrates, including coated papers and boards.

Low-temperature UV inkjet inks

Jetrion LLC, a division of Flint Ink, has released low-temperature UV inkjet inks for drop-on-demand applications. The low-viscosity inks do not require heating before use and can be used to print on a wide range of heat-sensitive substrates, such as plastics, films, foils and paperboard. The six-color, pigment-based inks are reportedly fade-resistant and provide effective curing under a range of UV-lamp alternatives. Formulations are currently available for Xaar and Konica printheads. For more information, see

Process inks for sheet label printers

INX International Ink Co. (Elk Grove Village, IL) has released ProMark process inks for sheet label printers, designed to provide sharp color with minimal dot gain on a full range of sheet label substrates. ProMark inks are said to have low tack and result in fewer picking problems, even on low-basis-weight C1S stocks. The inks reportedly can stay open in the fountain, skin-free, for up to seven days. Output is foil-stampable, laser-safe, and may be coated with water-based or UV coatings. Call (636) 578-0970.

Inks for non-porous substrates

Handschy Industries' (Bellwood, IL) Advantage inks for non-porous substrates are said to dry and adhere to plastic and foil materials. Advantage ink reportedly forms a resilient finish, with high gloss and water tolerance. Jobs using these inks can be UV coated offline, hot-foil stamped and laminated. For more information, contact (708) 547-9400.

Bulk-delivery system for Epson Stylus Pro

Lyson, Inc. (Elk Grove Village, IL) offers a bulk-feed ink-delivery system with complete pigment and dye-based inksets for the Epson Stylus Pro 7600. For more information, call (847) 690-1060 or e-mail

Brilliant metallic inks

FRM USA (Gilbert, AZ) has introduced a new line of metallic inks under the Smart Inks brand. The inks are manufactured with a special metallic pigment blend for what is said to be a brilliant finish. Smart Inks are available for all printing processes. Call (323) 769-4880.

Coast-to-coast ink distribution

Pitman Corp. (Totowa, NJ) has added Hostmann-Steinberg's complete line of printing inks and related products to its portfolio. Hostmann-Steinberg, a 238-year-old ink company, uses dry pigments for vibrant color, high density and consistent matching. Seamless vacuum-packed cans reportedly maximize ink consumption and reduce waste. Specialty ink blends and formulations are produced from the company's 20 U.S. locations, as well as Pitman's six ink mixing and blending centers.

Optimized inks for PressVu UV printers

Vutek Inc. (Meredith, NH) introduces new inks developed for its PressVu UV family of flatbed inkjet printers. A new magenta ink, Greater Gamut Magenta, reportedly helps printers achieve lighter, cleaner reds, match more Pantone colors and print up to 20 percent faster in eight-color mode. See

Maximizing color reproduction with ink

NAPL (Paramus, NJ) has published a comprehensive reference on how to use the newest ink technologies for optimal color reproduction. “Ink & Color,” by printing industry analyst Heidi Tolliver-Nigro, details the last decade's advancements in ink technology. The interaction of inks with different substrates, presses, chemistry and environmental factors are described in layman's terms. Cost is $34.95 ($29.95 for NAPL members). To order, call (800) 642-6275 or visit