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Oct 1, 2006 12:00 AM

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Fully automated bookletmaking
In booth 2446, Standard Finishing Systems will launch the new Standard Horizon SPF/FC-200A fully automated bookletmaker, complementing the Standard Horizon SpeedVAC 100 collator. The SPF/FC-200A includes advanced setup automation through a touchscreen control console. Precise stepper motors drive end stops and plates to the exact location for the sheet size and finish style selected. It features an integrated hand marry station for increased flexibility and a built-in reject tray which allows for nonstop production at speeds up to 4,500 booklets per hour.
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Single-pass bookletmaking
Vijuk's (booth 236) Setmaster collator/bookletmaker provides automatic, single-pass collating, triple-knock alignment, Hohner-head stitching, knife folding and face trimming. Depending on the model, it handles flat-sheet sizes of 4 × 5⅜ inches to 19⅝ × 13¾ inches, with finished book sizes of 4 × 2¾ inches to 9¾ × 13¾ inches (custom models, up to 18 × 24 inches). Optional duplexing divides the pockets to double the number of feeding stations for smaller books. It face trims up to ¼ inch thick standard; ½ inch thick optional.

The Setmaster features adjustable suction feeding heads and air-blast separation for handling carbon paper to heavy chip board up to 52 × 76 inches. Options include computerized operation; head, corner or loop stitcher; hole punch; shrink wrapper; cross-fold unit; three-knife trimmer; deep-pile feeding; and deep-pile delivery unit.
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Wire-fed stitching
The StitchFold bookletmaker and optional trimmer from MBM (booth 4243) uses wire-fed stitching technology. It reportedly provides lower operating costs than bookletmakers using preformed staples — 65,000 booklets can be produced from a single spool of wire. A collator interface is included. With a sheet capacity of 25, the StitchFold bookletmaker and optional trimmer finish 2,300 sets per hour.
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Digital print bookletmaking
In booth 3963, Watkiss Automation will display the PowerSquare200 for making digital books from eight to 200 pages. It combines stitching, folding, spine forming and trimming to produce SquareBack books up to 200 pages thick. It features fully automatic setting for different book sizes, including variable stitch leg length. The maximum book thickness is 10mm, making it ideally suited to higher paginations or thicker stocks. It also can be seen at Océ's booth (1263) with the VarioPrint 6250.
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Bookletmaking, trimming and collating
Duplo (booth 3846) will present its System 5000 automatic bookletmaker, which produces up to 5,000 booklets per hour (10,000 collated sets) and feeds up to 250 gsm covers. It will be shown with the 2KT two-knife trimmer, trimming all open sides of a booklet and removing the need to pre-guillotine printed pages before collating.

Duplo also will be showing its friction-feed DFC-12/24 tabletop collator, which produces 3,900 sets per hour and is available with 12 or 24 bins. Bidirectional feeding allows users to collate and create booklets simultaneously. It features automatic misfeed, out-of-paper, double feed and jam detectors.
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Just-in-time finishing
The The MBO America (booth 1229) parallel folding unit MBO TT-530/4 is Navigator-controlled by PLC technology and is equipped with an additional plow fold section. The pile feeder to the folder is operated with a Vacustar suction head. The saddlestitcher also can be used independently for conventional jobs.

Get details at the show on MBO's DIGI-Finisher, an MBO folder with the Hohner HSB-7000 stitcher. Options include barcode reading, accumulating and wire stitching. It has a three-side trimmer with automatic thickness adjustment (5/16 inch max.).
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Midrange bookletmaker
The Morgana Systems KwikFold midrange bookletmaker produces up to 100-page booklets on 20-lb. stock, and it handles heavier, coated stocks. It has automated side jogging and positional sheet sensors, clinched moving anvils, misfeed control, copy counter, staple miscontrol and a belt delivery stacker.

The KwikFold is mobile on swivel castors with a plug-in 115-volt supply. The belt stacker folds away for storage. Options include additional staple heads and a heavy-duty trimmer. KwikFold can handle a maximum paper size of 17.7 × 12.7 inches and has a maximum speed of 1,500 booklets per hour.
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The big three
Booth 1229 will feature a postpress trio:Muller Martini, MBO America and Colter & Peterson.

Buckle folder debut
MBO America will display its flagship Perfection folders, fully automated with MBO's Rapidset computerized makeready system. Also, Graph Expo will mark the United States debut of the company's workhorse B21 buckle folder, now available with Rapidset foldrollers and buckle plates; an Ehret high speed sheeter; the Bograma die cutting, punching and trimming machine; and a Theisen & Bonitz collator with a stich, fold and three-side trimming unit.
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One-person paper cutting
Colter & Peterson will join Muller Martini and MBO with a new paper cutting system designed for one-person operation. It consists of a Baumann BASA automatic jogger/feeder, a 45-inch Wohlenberg Pro Tec paper cutter and a Baumann automatic unloader. The company also will highlight its 45-inch Saber and 36-inch Prism cutters.
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Muller to debut new PUR binder
Muller Martini will show the Pantera perfect binder; Presto saddlestitcher with Palamides automatic banding machine; BravoPlus saddlestitcher (below) with AMRYS (Automatic Make-Ready System) and inside/outside inkjet capabilities; and Alprinta press unit.

The Pantera perfect binder, never before shown in the United States, runs at 4,000 cph and handles a range of sizes. The binder can be used for conventional hotmelt binding and PUR jobs. It will be shown with the Esprit three-knife trimmer.

Muller Martini's Presto saddlestitcher runs at up to 9,000 CPH with 17-inch chain pitch. Its twin feeders operate in 1:1 or 1:2 mode, facilitating the stitching of difficult signatures. Up to six twin feeders (12 pockets) allow for expansion.

Industry-first advancements on the Alprinta include the continuously variable-format offset insert, which remains in the press at all times while the operator performs size changes by removing the composite blanket and plate cylinders without tools. A varnish cassette mounts on the back side of any printing unit. Servo drive technology and a robust ink train ensure ink coverage.
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