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Media products that meet every application need

Oct 1, 2002 12:00 AM

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Advertorial by Xerox Supplies Business Group

Paper for digital output engines has come a long way over the past five years. In the past, digital paper only encompassed copy papers for black-and-white devices. But with the proliferation of new types of digital output devices and the emergence of color as a dominant technology in this arena, paper and media offerings have increased substantially, providing you with numerous options for just about any application.

Xerox Supplies, in particular, has expanded its development of different types of papers and media for digital applications. In 1996, when the DocuColor 40 was launched, Xerox Supplies offered only one type of paper that was digitally optimized for color. Today, Xerox Supplies' portfolio includes hundreds of stocked products, in addition to our custom application group. The custom team will configure unique products for your more challenging applications — such as preprinted custom ID and membership cards, custom carbonless and specialty labeling products such as shelf-talkers for the retail market.

All of these products are optimized to provide crisp images, intense solids, uniform color and outstanding toner adhesion. In the color world, toner adhesion is particularly important. After all, with monochrome printing, only one layer of toner must adhere to the paper. With color, you are laying down four applications of toner — all of which must adhere to the surface of the paper and not be absorbed as in the offset process.


As the demand for color increases, there is a growing demand for more specialized papers and media products to support increasingly more varied applications. Customers, for example, are asking for parchment paper in both cover and text weights. Xerox Supplies responded with the introduction of Digital Color Parchment, designed with a unique surface pattern that adds classic character and style to applications such as wedding invitations, diplomas and certificates.

But parchment is one of these inherently difficult stocks for xerography to handle because it doesn't have a nice uniform surface. So Xerox Supplies worked with its supplier, qualifying them to optimize the appropriate parameters to ensure high quality during the manufacturing process. The result is a sheet that provides customers with a smoother surface to deliver uniform solids and detail on a parchment paper.

Digital Color Parchment is available in matching text and cover stocks in a range of weights, sizes and colors (white, gold, orchid and pewter) and contains 30 percent post-consumer recycled content.

Another difficult assignment for the high-heat xerographic process is handling coated media. Many customers have grown accustomed to coated papers for their offset print jobs and are now looking for high-quality coated papers suitable for digital printing. Xerox Supplies offers a line of coated media — Digital Color Gloss and Silk — that meets the demand for greater flexibility in coated applications. The sheet is coated on both sides, permitting high-end duplex applications. Xerox paper engineers worked hand-in-hand with hardware engineers throughout the entire process to ensure optimal quality and top-notch productivity for this coated media on digital color equipment. A proprietary Xerox coating formulation helps prevent blistering and flaking for a long-lasting quality finish.

Using products that are uniquely Xerox, the custom group works with customers to develop products that are designed for a specific application. Many of our custom applications have streamlined a production process or increased flexibility for a specific customer issue.

An example of this is a State Gaming Commission's hunting and fishing licenses. The Xerox team worked with the Commission to streamline its work process and save inventory costs and processing time. Our custom group designed a pre-perforated “license on demand” document. Using a website to collect applicant data, the solution lets the State print exactly the quantity it needs, as it is needed, eliminating waste from overruns.

The license is printed on Xerox DuraDocument — a heavy 10 point paper/poly/paper laminate that holds up under rough handling and bad weather, perforated to the Commission's exact specification. The result: timely handling and processing of licenses in one simple streamlined solution, showing the true power of variable digital printing and Xerox Supplies Custom Solutions. This is just one of the many examples of how the Xerox Supplies Custom Team can help you.


Customers will find a huge variety of products under the Xerox brand. From coated to uncoated papers, transparencies and decals, these regularly stocked items support both color and black-and-white production equipment. And if the ordinary isn't on the mark, Xerox Supplies offers out-of-the-ordinary products in custom sizes, custom configurations and unique designs. These products range from book covers and print on-demand folders, pre-print, perfed/punched forms to low-end and high-end ID cards, inventory and storage labels, pressure-sealed self-mailers and security paper. All of which are made from Xerox qualified base stocks. This yields a complete portfolio of products and custom applications that are backed by the Xerox 100% performance guarantee.

Ultimately, Xerox Supplies has built on its strong tradition in xerographic paper and expanded its portfolio to encompass a wide range of digitally optimized media for color printing across hundreds of applications. Today, Xerox Supplies has a solution in its standard media line-up or through its custom order process for just about any print application.