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Jan 1, 2011 12:00 AM

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Follow the Folding Rule

“Don't make adjustments on a folding machine based on operator frustration. That's the basic rule. If you make an adjustment and it doesn't work then put it back. Too many operators play with the settings and then get completely lost.” — Dave Trutzenbach's Folder Operators Manual (

Maybe it's cold outside

When temperatures fluctuate, so can machine performance. Will Weymouth of Western Trade Printing (Fresno, CA) was running a 4 pt. stock on his Stahl B19 equipped with Tri-Creasers. On Friday afternoon, the job ran fine. Come Monday, however, the folder sheets began ripping immediately, with no changes whatsoever to the folding machine. Running the folder at idle speed, Weymouth aimed a shrink-wrap heat gun at the Tri-Creaser at the insert for 30 seconds. Problem solved!

We say: Other blog readers cited static electricity issues and suggested Aprilaire humidifiers.


Don't be boring with the scoring

Sappi has released “The Standard No. 4, Scoring & Folding.” It includes folding basics, a glossary of terms, tips, case studies and seven folding samples

Bonus: A wall-size poster features all of the folding families.

We say: This is the best use of “four score” since the Gettysburg Address. Hats off to the printer for excellent execution on what obviously was a challenging project!


Meet the family

InfoPrint Solutions Co., a Ricoh company, expanded its inkjet offerings and extended its existing platforms, at Graph Expo 2010. The InfoPrint 5000 family now provides three drop-on-demand engine options:

  • The InfoPrint 5000 MP mono-chrome and MICR models (launched at Ipex 2010) are targeted toward customers with high-volume monochrome or MICR applications who want to start transitioning to inkjet. Customers can select the speeds and fluids for the platform, and then convert if their needs change in the future.
  • The full-color InfoPrint 5000 GP supports all of the enhancements made since the first release of the platform, including the new Ink Monitor tool, certification for Pantone PLUS, and support for additional media. It can be configured with InfoPrint 5000 MP models such as the 5000 MP MICR.
  • InfoPrint is working with its inkjet technology provider, Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co. Ltd., on developing the VP platform as part of its InfoPrint 5000 family. The full-color VP platform is designed for extremely high volumes and tight print windows. It offers a range of high speeds with print quality similar to the GP platform.

Enhanced register guidance

QuadTech has enhanced its closed-loop Register Guidance System with new automated features.

Automatic fan-out control minimizes register errors due to web stretch. Its development was prompted by the trend toward wider-web presses.

QuadTech's cocking control automatically makes adjustments to realign circumferential register.

An anti-embossing feature automatically enables the dot to print in different locations on the blanket, preventing piling, ghosting and embossing while stabilizing dot gains across the web.

Automatic front-to-back register control precisely aligns the printed image on both surfaces of the web.

Ink guiding senses image positioning and corrects the print-to-slitter register by adjusting the web guide.

Want more?

Visit for a wealth of folding tips and tricks.