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All for one

Dec 1, 2007 12:00 AM

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MBO hosts multivendor mailing, print and finishing event

MBO America's (Westampton, NJ) annual Open House included exhibits, presentations and demonstrations from Buskro, Baumer hhs, Bograma, Buhrs, Colter&Peterson, Delphax, Ehret, H&H, HiFlex, HP, Hohner, KBA, Kodak and Kodak Up Front, Lake Image Systems, Longford, Muller Martini, Oce, Palamides, Ricoh/IBM, and United Graphic Systems.

Visitors saw almost 20 different equipment configurations that provided integrated examples of digital print finishing, conventional folding and mailing and gluing. MBO demonstrated traditional applications as well as advancements in digital manufacturing with Buskro, Delphax, Muller Martini, Oce and Ricoh/IBM Info Print Solutions and other vendors.

“Speaking for the entire coalition of exhibitors,” said MBO executive vice president Klaus Beck-bissinger, “our [priority] was to help attendees build business and profits by exposing them to this exceptional opportunity.”

MBO's U.S. headquarters also is home to Dave Trutzenbach's popular folding school, which recently relocated to MBO's renovated demonstration and technology center, so a variety of folders already were on hand. In addition to the Efficiency and Perfection series, attendees could see the new 14-inch-wide modular Foldmaster series as well as the K-800 Super KTZ “left and right” combi-folders.

The Foldmaster line consists of automated and manual buckle folders and knife folders, feeders and creasing and perforating units. Visitors saw the 200 SA and 400 SA folders, both with suction feeders and two- or four-automated fold plates. Also shown was the Foldmaster 400 STA with pile feeder and four automated plates with the 200 KM eight-page unit with manual fold plates, as well as the versatile DCM-45 creasing and perforating unit with suction feeder and the MFK-35 knife folding unit with roller guides.

Visitors received a 32-page guide to the equipment on display. Each line had an alphabetical designation corresponding to the printed descriptions as follows.

Digital web presses and finishing

Line A featured Ehret's SVC-520C sheeter, MBO's DIGI-Folder DFT-560/6 folding unit with Navigator control, automated fold roller and plate setting, as well as an MBO Perfection 16-page unit folding at 500 fpm for a 160-page on-demand brochure in line with the Delphax CR220 digital press and Muller Martini's Sigma book finishing line.

Line B showed Ricoh/IBM's Info Print Solutions 4100 twin digital printer in conjunction with the Ehret unwinder and an Ehret SVC-520C sheeter that cut the web into 46-inch long sheets. Finishing of a 16-page booklet was completed with an MBO Perfection folder to accordion fold the sheet and glue the spine from the top and bottom. An MBO Z-2 knife folder performed the cross-fold and fed into a Bograma Eco 350S for face trim and into a Bograma 450S plus for head/foot trim and three-hole punching, and delivered into an H&H 701-52 delivery.

Line C (shown on the opposite page) further highlighted MBO's digital finishing strengths. It featured two Oce VS7650 digital printers, Ehret unwinder, Ehret PFS-520 plow folder and Ehret SVC-520C sheeter and the MBO DIGI-Folder DFT-560/6 with Navigator control and automated roller and plates setting. An 11 × 17-inch form was folded into a No. 10 size and delivered by the MBO ASP-66LME.

Line D (shown below) demonstrated a Kodak 9100 9-inch print-head on an Ehret VC-520 C high-speed sheeter with Ehret unwinder and Ehret SPM520 split and merge unit, an MBO B26-S eight-page Perfection folder with six plates and a Palamides delta502 automatic delivery for pressing, counting, stacking and paper banding to produce a two-form letter folded at almost 50,000 forms per hour.

Line E produced the 32-page Innovation Days Guide. HP printed it on three different paper stocks, including an insert and a variable data cover. The brochure was finished on the MBO HSB-7000 DIGI-Finisher consisting of the MBO TT-530 folder with Navigator control, pile feeder with bar code reader, Hohner HSB-7000 saddle-stitcher with two signature feeders, one cover feeder, an insertion-feeder and a trimmer with automated thickness adjustment.

Traditional folding and mailing

Line F showcased the compact K800 2/4 Super-KTZ Perfection-combi folder. Its fast and flexible three-knife station include the buckle plate and slitter shafts, pivots 180° from left to right and back, without time-consuming change-over.

Lines G, H and I highlighted MBO's flagship, high-speed, marble-less Perfection folders, The B30-S/44 continuous feeder folder with slitter shaft cassette and a Palamides alpha N stacking delivery system were demonstrated with Navigator control's production, monitoring and machine adjustment system as well as Rapidset automated make-ready for the fold-roller and buckle plates. Visitors also saw the B26-S/4 with continuous feeder and a Palamides delta703 automatic delivery with chip board feeder for the top and bottom of the stack. A B30-S/444 folder with continuous feeder included an RFE sheet return device that shortens the distance from the feeder to the delivery.

Line J consisted of an MBO B123/4 C folder with continuous feeder, H&H 850-52 conveyor and an H&H 392-52 transportation system with vacuum belts teamed with a Baumer hhs fugitive hotmelt system with XT-E4 controller, and a Longford tipper for two-up jobs and high-speed tipping.

Lines K and L demonstrated MBO's versatility. The “K” line featured a B21/6 folder with continuous feeder, gatefold plate and SE-500 hang-on delivery; the “L” line showed a B118/44 folder with edge-trim devices, Baumer hhs cold-glue system for spine gluing and SE-460 delivery producing an eight-page pasted booklet.

Mailing and gluing

Line M incorporated MBO's B26/444 efficiency folder with continuous feeder and H&H ILS in-line gluing system, Baumer hhs cold glue system and MBO A-56 delivery.

Line N: Among many highlights at Innovation Days was MBO's use of a 40-inch-long sheet, accordion folded and cross-folded together with the cover, to produce a 16-page pasted and die-cut booklet with a cover. The MBO B26/4 C, Baumer hhs cold glue system for top and bottom spine gluing, the new H&H X-KN-C cover merger station, a Bograma BS 450S plus die-cutting machine with hole punching device and H&H 701-52 delivery, operated in a relatively small space to produce this 16 page die-cut pasted booklet with file holes. The new X-knife unit X-KN-C expands the versatility of MBO folders as well as the capabilities of printers responding to the market with the new capacity of merging a cover with a folded and glued signature.

Line O: MBO's B21/44 P Pile feeder folder, an H&H 850-52 conveyor and an H&H 291-52 transportation system with vacuum belts, an H&H ‘paper lift,’ a Baumer hhs hotmelt system, an H&H Pick + Place basic tipping device for card tipping, a Lake Image Systems' card reading system, plow-folding, gluing/closing, Buskro inkjet system and H&H 701-52 delivery produced a self mailer with credit card and matching address.

Line P: MBO B21/44 folder, H&H 382-52 slitting/scoring unit with time-perforating head and Baumer hhs remoistenable glue system, 8-page folding unit with cold glue system for envelope gluing and mailer sealing.