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ISO, Verdigris Project developing environmental standards

Jan 7, 2011 12:00 AM

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The International Standards Organization (ISO) technical committee 130 (TC 130) has recently launched a new Working Group (WG) WG11 to develop a set of standards to cover the environmental impact of print. The group's remit is closely aligned with those of the Verdigris Project, the not-for-profit print environmental research initiative, run by Digital Dots.

WG11 is currently working on ISO draft 16759, the requirements for measuring the carbon footprint of printed products, and is in the process of producing the first draft which is available for review, with a deadline for comments of the 4th February. Verdigris is encouraging print industry participants with an interest in the environmental impact of print to join WG11 through their national bodies to take an active role in developing the standard.

Commenting on the new Working Group, Verdigris founder Laurel Brunner says, "Standards work is time consuming, unforgiving, unrelenting and unpaid, so it's no surprise that printers and publishers are reluctant to do their bit. However the work has a profound and long lasting impact on the industry's competitiveness. It's important because it provides a mechanism for constant improvement in print production means and methods."

The aim of WG11 is, says Brunner, to have the new standard complete by drupa 2012.