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Jan 21, 2014 12:00 AM

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Our reinvention of American Printer was to demonstrate that a printed magazine can thrive today. The idea of a printed magazine created to engage each subscriber individually seemed to be revolutionary when we initially began talking about our new concept. However, our B2MePlatform uses rock-solid technology that has been proven for decades in personalized direct mail marketing campaigns.

A truly individualized publication is what we endeavor to create.

American Printer needed to be rebuilt for modern times. The goal was to create a new publication platform responsive to the interactive, cross-media age that would enable subscriber-based magazines or newspapers to incorporate individualized content and ads that meet each subscriber’s preferences and business information objectives.

The B2MePlatform was our answer.

Using our experience as variable data printers, we set about developing a system offering the power of web publishing integrated with paper. Our plan was to create a new advanced, high-speed, high-level personalization platform: the world’s first individualized, interactive magazine.

We exploited existing technologies where we could. Where we couldn’t, we developed our own. The result was our B2MePlatform. We used this new platform to reintroduce American Printer as the first magazine that speaks directly, individually, to each and every one of YOU.

What does B2Me mean to YOU?

This magazine’s ads and articles are created to reflect YOUR individual information objectives based on YOUR company’s size and print technology as well as YOUR job responsibilities and geographic location.

American Printer’s goal is to provide YOU B2Me information dialog opportunities with our writers and advertisers.

Your Turn

How can you use B2Me-style individualization to deliver more value to your clients?

Key to dialogue with us. >>>

We look forward to the conversation!
Andy & Julie Plata