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QR: A Printer’s Jiu-jitsu

Jan 21, 2014 12:00 AM

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Printers are constantly asking me, “How can we compete against the accelerating move away from print to the web?”

Since printers who ask this question obviously see the web as a competitive threat to print, my response is to apply this basic jiu-jitsu principle for confronting a strong opponent:

  • Redirect the competitor’s strength into your own. 

QR: Jiu-jitsu for Printers 

QR codes are an excellent tool for redirecting the strength of the web onto printed pages.

Customers desire to use and pay for the tools that best communicate their messages to their intended audiences. So rather than seeing the web as a threat, let’s give customers what they want using QR (and related web launch) codes to integrate the web with print and deliver the best in communication technology.

American Printer is an excellent example of this principal. By using QR codes as a web launch point, the magazine integrates the power of the web with the printed page.

By using QR codes to integrate the web with print, we have redirected to power of a competitive technology to create higher-value printed pages for our customers. And higher-value pages mean increased revenue—which is good.

Let me know if you have other Jiu-jitsu for Printers ideas to share with fellow print professionals at

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