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Big events

Oct 1, 2010 12:00 AM

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Based in Rochester, New York, The Philipson Group embraces the continuing evolution in communication design and welcomes new digital opportunities. The full-service consulting and production firm specializes in graphic and web design services for industries including education, health/fitness, arts/entertainment, non-profit, real estate, retail and travel/tourism.

Always searching for innovative inspiration, president Michael Philipson attended the “Nuit Blanche” festival in Toronto last October and took particular notice of the event's signage. The sign accompanying each installation at the festival contained a picture code that, when scanned by a mobile device, sent additional information about that particular installation directly to the user's device. Intrigued, Philipson began researching Quick Response (QR) Codes.

Moving into the QR Code space

“The more we researched QR Codes and their possibilities, we became quite excited about getting our clients into the mobile space and pairing those two technologies together for a powerful experience,” says Philipson. “We saw a real opportunity to match up the emerging technology with the current solutions we offered to help clients seeking new ways to garner interest for their products and services. The mobile space is rapidly growing in popularity and we realized that we wanted to be a leader in penetrating the market.”

Researching QR Code options online, Philipson sought a complete end-to-end solution, from creation through implementation and tracking. While he located multiple companies that offer QR Codes with creating and tracking services, none had the interface or reporting capabilities he was hoping to find. When he came across interlinkONE's QReate & Track software, Philipson was drawn to the easy-to-use interface of the web-based platform and QReate & Track's detailed reporting capabilities.

Clear metrics

Energized and eager to embark down the QR Code path, Philipson approached the organizers of the local Rochester Jazz Festival, the largest event to take place in Rochester each year. “We proposed a plan where we would make their website mobile friendly and then couple it with the QR Code technology,” Philipson explains. “We highlighted to the founders how implementing QR Codes on all event marketing materials and announcements would provide the Rochester Jazz Festival with a visible symbol of their willingness to embrace new technologies that had potential to garner possible future sponsors. In its ninth year, the founders were excited by the opportunity to try something new.”

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“Using interlinkONE's QReate & Track software, we developed giant 4 × 7-ft. posters, postcards and T-shirts for the volunteers, all containing QR Codes,” says Philipson. “We had to take into consideration that people standing in line or in the center of the street might want to scan the code. We tested various sizes and, using the QReate & Track software, came up with a size of about 4 × 4 ft. for each code, for ease of readability.” The posters were placed on the buildings outside of the venues where jazz performances were taking place. When scanned, the QR Code directed users to the Rochester Jazz Festival's website.

QReate & Track software allows users to easily generate QR Codes for use with websites, contact information, promotional codes and more. The software is designed to provide support in effectively launching QR Code applications and measure the effectiveness across different printed materials while viewing the success in real-time via reporting dashboards.

Upon completion of the event, The Philipson Group began going through the various charts and tables provided by QReate & Track to measure how many people actually scanned the code during the festival. They determined that the QR Codes were scanned around 730 times over a nine-day span. As this was The Philipson Group's first run with the QR Code technology, it was important to form a baseline for use when approaching future organizations with the idea. The clear and easy-to-read measurements provided by interlinkONE's software helped make that possible.

Future plans for QR Code growth

“We wanted a visible entry into the QR Code world, and the Rochester Jazz Festival provided that for us,” says Philipson. “Moving forward, we think the travel and tourism industries would greatly benefit from this technology, as well as any business that works around schedules — a gym or school — when people want to have that schedule in the palm of their hand. Using interlinkONE's QReate & Track software, the possibilities to develop and implement QR Codes in various campaigns are endless and we are confident to offer our clients this end-to-end solution.”

The Philipson Group sees great value in the supportive relationship it has formed with interlinkONE as they begin to delve further into the QR Codes world. “Rather than looking at interlinkONE simply as a vendor, we have formed a cooperative and collaborative bond where our companies exchange ideas and offer advice,” Philipson adds. “Being able to rely on interlinkONE's proven expertise in executing all aspects of an online campaign and extensive data capturing abilities makes us confident that we will be successful in offering this service to all of our clients.”


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