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Print Thousands of Envelopes, Then Greetings Cards on the Same Printer

Apr 10, 2013 12:00 AM

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Large inplants, printing lots of envelopes demand versatile solutions capable of handling many jobs, according to Mark Baker-Homes, Business Development Director at Intec Printing Solutions Limited.The Intec EPP series is the solution to this need for flexible bulk envelope printing, he says. 

“These systems, each fitted with a robust top loading feeder, can print up to 2,400 DL and C5 plain and window envelopes in an hour,” explains Mr Baker-Homes. 

“A unique ‘envelope buckling device’ is fitted as standard to each feeder, which promotes the continuous and trouble free feeding of traditionally tricky window envelopes.” 

When envelope printing is complete and there’s another job such as a greetings card or point of sale in the queue, the lightweight feeder can simply be detached and wheeled away. 

The versatile EPP series of printers consists of the 520, which has a fixed conveyor output for the checking of each printed envelope. The 530 is fitted with a DMP output for automatic envelope stacking.   

In-house card production 

Bringing card production in house was the reason behind a Warwick company investing in an Intec printer.  

Ginger, the Art of Print in Market Place, wanted to cut costs and stop farming out work to expensive third parties. So it purchased an Intec DMP450PRO multi media production unit with a view to adding affordable bolt on services to its stable of 250 artists.  “The core of the business is dealing with artists and producing large format giclee prints,” explains Mikey Cunnane. “This new system gives us the ability to provide additional services to our customers including leaflet printing, greetings cards and business cards. 

“Loyal customers include Claire Henley, the Stratford-upon-Avon based artist. We would now hope to be able to produce greetings cards of her work on the Intec,” says Mr Cunnane.  

Growing interest in South Africa 

A roadshow has generated an extraordinarily high level of interest for Intec printers in South Africa. The event at Port Elizabeth was “very successful” according to Anthony Jones, National Sales Manager for Antalis South Africa. 

“The Intec printers drew a lot of attention; I didn’t stop demoing the units from 9am to 4pm,” Mr Jones reveals. “As a result, we have produced proposals for a number of units, which is phenomenal for a small region like Port Elizabeth. 

“I’m off to Bloemfontein next to do a smaller show at the Antalis branch. They have clients that are very interested, but need to see the equipment first.” 

New Job Estimation Module launched for PS PRO RIP 

The Intec PS PRO RIP has been improved to include a job costing function. Part of the Workflow module, it uses templates and calculates transfer belt and consumable usage, job time and profit to give an overall cost of the final print job. This innovative job costing option also includes advanced features making it possible to factor in different scenarios to price work accordingly. Users can add different rates (for example, a rate for a rush job) or equipment costs, set up, finishing and make up. Each template can be applied after the print or to individual page set ups. “This is a fantastic tool,” says Terri Winstanley, Head of Marketing and PR at Intec Printing Solutions Limited. 

Let’s show you our wedge 

A new envelope wedge has been designed as an accessory for use with the Intec DMP450 envelope printing system.  

“It can be slotted into the stack underneath 30 or 40 envelopes so that they are offered up to the printer at the optimum position,” explains Terri Winstanley, Head of Marketing and PR at Intec Printing Solutions. “This enables each envelope to easily feed into the printer. The wedge can be easily moved down the stack as printing is completed. This ensures the smooth printing of envelopes and is a professional solution for envelope curling and jamming,” she adds.  

Partners wishing to order the new wedge should email or telephone +44 (0) 1202-845960.  

Easy banner printing   

In-house banner printing is now an affordable possibility for businesses thanks to the Intec DMP450LF.Traditionally, organisations wanting to produce large posters, typically for walls and stands, would have to engage the expensive services of a copy shop or printing company. 

Now, the Intec DMP450LF, with its tailor made user-friendly input and output extension trays, enables all manner of businesses to produce their own high quality banners up to 1.2m long. 

“No longer do organisations have to wait for their banners,” says Intec MD Ian Melville. “Our digital toner based systems allow them to be printed to a high quality on demand on a variety of media up to 600gsm/600micron thick.”  

He adds: “Canny business owners have seen the advantages of owning their own printing equipment and doing the job themselves. The initial outlay is quickly returned resulting in a swift return on investment.”  

Pole position printing 

Speed and exhilaration.  

Words applicable to the world of motorsport, which incidentally has much in common with owning an Intec printer.  

Much like those famous Formula One racing drivers who are one step ahead of the rest, so too are Intec users who enjoy pole position printing substrates others cannot. To celebrate, an Intec DMP450 multi media printing system is destined for Brands Hatch; that famed British motor racing circuit in Kent. “I’m very excited about this because I do enjoy motorsport,” says Peter Swann, Channel Manager at Intec Printing Solutions Limited. 

The Intec DMP450 will be exhibited at the Morgana Pro Tour Brands Hatch event running from 9am to 6pm on Wednesday, May 1 and 9am to 5pm on Thursday, May 2 at The Thistle Hotel, which overlooks the race circuit. Those wishing to attend should register at:  

Exhibition in Spain 

The new Edge 850 label printer will be at Graphispag Digital at Fira Barcelona, Spain between Wednesday, April 17 and Saturday, April 20. 

RIC (Reprografia Industrial de Catalunya), the Intec partner in Spain, will be exhibiting at the event and running demonstrations of each system.  

Seeing the light 

Intec has funded the building of a church and community centre in Sri Lanka. 

Located high up on a hill in Hapugastenne; a small town in the tea growing highlands, both properties lacked windows. But now proceeds from the sale of Intec consumables have facilitated their installation to make the properties usable all year round for more community events and educational programmes.  

“In the west we take natural light in our buildings for granted but in Sri Lanka they often don’t have such luxuries,” says Intec MD Ian Melville. “These windows, which can be open and shut, allow for the buildings to be used throughout the year, regardless of the monsoon rains and high winds that batter them. We are pleased to be able to help improve conditions, which will make a huge difference. We thank all our customers for contributing to this and other projects around the world through using Intec consumables,” he concludes. 

Additionally, Intec has funded the refurbishment of the toilet block following storm damage.  

Demonstrations are best 

Astra Imprints visited the head office of Intec Printing Solutions in Poole, Dorset for a demonstration of the Intec range of printers. Astra in Reading specialises in overprinting greetings cards.  

Intec sample book 

Samples are the best way of showing what a printer can do. 

And those clever and thoughtful people at Intec Printing Solutions have gone to great lengths to produce a high quality sample book that effectively shows the capabilities of Intec printers. 

“The book, which took quite a few months to compile, includes a host of stocks of varying thicknesses as well as envelopes and unusual and eye-catching finishes,” says Terri Winstanley, Head of Marketing and PR. “It is an invaluable sales tool for dealers and end users.”  

As a result, dealers are being urged to quickly place their orders for the few remaining books while stocks last. Email: or tel: +44 (0) 1202 845960.  

New Mexico partner 

Competitive advantage and the best possible service for customers. That’s the ethos behind Sagaró, the renowned printing solutions specialist, in Mexico. This hunger to supply cutting edge technology to keep its customers ahead of the game has driven the US$50m turnover business to become an Intec partner in Mexico. 

“There is no doubt that Sagaró is a forward thinking company,” says Michael Sparbeck, Chief Operating Officer of Intec Printing Solutions Corporation in Tampa, Florida. “This prestigious business has been trading for over 20 years and is certainly well respected throughout Mexico. I have signed this exciting deal with company owner Armando Quireza and we really look forward to working together and strengthening the Intec customer base throughout Mexico.” 

In 1992 Sagaró was established as an importer and distributor of major printer brands such as Epson and Mimaki, opening divisions in cities including Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco in 1994. In total the company has 15 locations throughout Mexico and has built a reputation as the place to go for anything printing related encompassing buying a printer and consumables to servicing and training. 

The fifth largest country in the Americas, Mexico, with its 31 states and 113m inhabitants, is one of the world’s largest economies. The World Bank considers it to be an upper-middle income country and Mexico is widely thought to be an emerging power. It is an extremely important marketplace for Intec Printing Solutions. “We have great hopes for Mexico,” concludes Mr Sparbeck.  

Benefit from a high hit rate 

Direct mail has the highest success rate in new customer acquisition, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in the United States. 

Its research also highlights that 54 per cent of mailed postcards are read by recipients. With this in mind, it is little wonder that Michael Sparbeck, Chief Operating Officer of Intec Printing Solutions Corporation in Tampa, Florida, is witnessing a steady rise in demand for the Intec HPP550 direct mailing system. 

“I am not surprised really,” he says. “First and foremost, direct mail has long been a useful marketing tool and I believe it always will be, regardless of the internet. Direct mail is tangible; a letter or postcard can be touched and held by the recipient - a distinct advantage over an impersonal e-shot that invariably lands in the junk folder, completely missing its target. If an envelope or postcard is well designed and eye-catching it will grab the attention.” 

He adds: “Traditionally businesses wanting to benefit from direct mail have had to outsource their requirements to a copy shop or printing house. The beauty of an Intec system is that it enables businesses to produce direct mailshots themselves whenever they want to. We’re not just talking about flyers but leaflets and envelopes, too. And of course, because the Intec HPP550 can handle media up to 600micron/600gsm it is possible to produce professionally printed postcards, which the DMA has found are a particularly good way of attracting new customers.” 

Additional benefits can be gained by adding PrintShop Mail Suite variable data printing software. The unique voucher printing system enables users to buy as many credits as required.