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Fujifilm launches five new plates at IPEX 2002

Jan 16, 2002 12:00 AM

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Fuji Photo Film (Dusseldorf, Germany) will launch five enhanced plates at IPEX 2002. All of the new plates incorporate Fujifilm's patented multi-grain technology, ensuring consistent printability and high quality results on press.

The Brillia LP-NV violet photopolymer plate is designed to provide optimum performance on platesetters using a 30-mW LD laser. It is sensitized for violet-laser exposure at 405nm and reportedly provides consistent press performance and enables long run lengths of up to 200,000 impressions (1,000,000 impressions baked) for high quality commercial print applications.

Fujifilm has enhanced its Brillia LP-N3 photopolymer plate working photopolymer plate with the introduction of Brillia LP-N3. It is suitable for use with the company's Luxel P-9600CTP platesetter. LP-N3 also has a new sensitized layer and developer technology, which enhances resistance to pressroom chemistry, increases developer life and reduces developer sludge. With a run length of up to 200,000 impressions (1,000,000 with baking), Brillia LP-N3 is designed to be used on platesetters using 488 - 532nm lasers.

The Brillia LD-NS processless plate is designed for the short-run, quick-turnaround, high quality commercial print market. The plate supports run lengths of up to 30,000 impressions and is imaged by thermal systems using an 830nm IR laser.

The Brillia LH-PSE is a long-run bakeable thermal plate yielding run lengths up to 200,000 impressions (1,000,000 with baking). The plate offers a wide range of processing options including compatibility with the company's VPS-E and VPL-E conventional plates. It has improved image and non-image scratch resistance and supports 200lpi linescreen with dot reproduction of 1-99 per cent.

The Brillia LP-NN2 is manufactured specifically for the newspaper market. The new plate, which gives reduced dot gain on imaging and improved resistance to dot sharpening during printing, works with blue/green 488-532nm lasers and offers run lengths up to 300,000 impressions. When processed, the Brillia LP-NN2 has good image contrast making it simple for press operators to inspect plates visually and spot errors before the plate goes on press, saving time and money.