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Pantone reduces price on Goe

Mar 17, 2010 12:00 AM

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Pantone (Carlstadt, NJ), a subsidiary of X-Rite Inc. is reducing the price of the Pantone Goe specification products to make them more affordable for all designers and printers to incorporate into their workflows.

Pantone developed the Goe System to complement the Pantone Matching System (PMS), the most widely used color system for nearly 50 years.

Providing a broader palette of 2,058 spot colors, the Goe System is chromatically arranged for intuitive color selection. Goe colors are specially formulated with a set of 10 base inks that are readily available worldwide, are suitable for aqueous and UV coatings, and are printed at uniform ink film thicknesses, ensuring accurate color reproduction in today's multi-media workflow environments.

The Goe System is used by creatives throughout the design industry – from graphics and packaging to interior and fashion design. For example, while fashion designers use the Pantone Fashion + Home Color System to select fabric colors, when it comes time to create the other elements that bring a garment to market, such as advertising campaigns, Web sites and even hang tags, they need to translate the original fabric color for print, packaging and Web. With its broad range of colors, Goe can closely match those colors in print, ensuring accurate color across all promotional activities.

New prices:

PANTONE GoeGuide coated: $79 SRP (formerly $99)

PANTONE GoeGuide uncoated: $79 SRP (formerly $99)

PANTONE GoeGuide coated & uncoated: $129 SRP (formerly $179)

PANTONE GoeBridge coated: $119 SRP (formerly $129)

PANTONE GoeSticks coated: $299 SRP (formerly $339)

PANTONE GoeSticks uncoated: $299 SRP (formerly $339)

PANTONE Goe System coated: $399 SRP (formerly $439)

PANTONE Goe System uncoated: $399 SRP (formerly $439)