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Integrated solution for ink optimization

Feb 1, 2010 12:00 AM

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Heidelberg's Prinect Color Toolbox with Profile Tool can be incorporated to create the device link profiles used to determine the level of ink savings required. Prinect Color Toolbox Profile Tool subsequently makes the device link profile available as a resource to the workflow.

In Heidelberg's Prinect workflow, this occurs at three points: Prinect Color Editor, Prinect Prepress Manager, and Prinect MetaDimension RIP. The device link profiles created by the Prinect Color Toolbox also can be used in third-party solutions. Heidelberg's optimization takes place directly in the production sequences of the workflow itself. This results in a much more efficient and accurate product.

ICC or device link profiles are standardized files that describe the color characteristics of devices, images and graphics. ICC profiles provide color management systems with the information needed to transform color data between various input and output color spaces. They may be used for process conversion, process calibration and ink savings by reducing the amount of the three chromatic inks required and replacing them with black. The latter application involves a transformation between two identical processes where colored inks used to produce the dark areas are replaced by black using gray component replacement (GCR) in the color separation. The savings achieved on long print runs can be considerable.

With the Prinect Profile Tool, the user is free to adjust the buildup of black with under color removal (UCR) or GCR for printing profiles and proof profiles, and has flexibility to select the point at which black is used. It is possible to finely adjust depths and color saturation in the printing profiles. The reproduction of gray can be kept neutral, leading to visibly clearer results, particularly when printing on colored papers.

Heidelberg's Prinect Color Toolbox also includes the Prinect Profile Tool for interactively generating ICC device link profiles for printing processes, proofers, color printers and color photo-copiers in accordance with general print standards or job-specific requirements.