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Oct 1, 1998 12:00 AM, Lisa Leland

Perhaps the most immutable barrier to the quick print shop's success is between one employee's thoughts and another's. As the captain in Cool Hand Luke said, "What we've got here is a failure to communicate."Such is the importance of good internal communications that when industry consultant Debra Thompson was asked to rank its weight with other issues facing today's quick printers, she simply responded,


Sep 1, 1998 12:00 AM, WILLIAM C. LAMPARTER

Lost in high-tech digital hype, the small-format, multi-color, sheet-fed offset press nevertheless continues to gain in popularity as the workhorse of the commercial printing industry.Continuously being upgraded to include more automation, the small format sheet-fed press generally characterized as having a cylinder width of 25 inches to 33 inches, also is found in many large plants as a companion


Sep 1, 1998 12:00 AM, Katherine O'Brien

After much crumpling of paper and consulting of rhyming dictionaries, we have composed a couplet to kick off this feature: Two, four, six but not quite eight!/What's happening with small-format computer-to-plate?Okay, so Robert Frost has nothing to fear from us. But when it comes to small format metal computer-to-plate (CTP), some graphic arts service providers and vendors are waxing poetic--particularly


Jun 1, 1998 12:00 AM, Chrystal O'Hanlon

Imagesetting technology isn't new; it isn't revolutionary. It is as standard in the world of printing as presses and binding equipment. Yet imagesetters are making news in one segment of the printing demographic--small-format markets. In recent years, imagesetter technology has become affordable to quick and small commercial printers for the first time.Several prepress manufacturers have developed


Apr 1, 1998 12:00 AM,

PERFORMANCE GROUPS FOR QUICK PRINTERS "There is strong evidence to suggest that active, well-organized performance groups can help individual owners achieve higher profits," asserts John Stewart, president of Q.P. Consulting (West Melbourne, FL).Speaking at the recent National Assn. of Quick Printers (NAQP) Owners Conference, the consultant also suggests that "regular and consistent business planning


Feb 1, 1998 12:00 AM, DEBBIE PETERSON

You can do it!As a small commercial or quick printer, you can boost productivity, hike product quality, reduce employee turnover and employ content, highly motivated workers who have a stake in the company's future--all in one fell swoop.Impossible, you say?Not so, claim the experts. With effective employee training, all of the above are possible. "You'll prosper with productive employees, and well-trained


Sep 1, 1997 12:00 AM, American Printer Staff

Paul Beyer sees the coming of PDF-based workflows as a major leap forward in process automation for the graphic arts. He suggests that improvements in productivity in the range of 300 percent to 400 percent will be the eventual payback, once PDF becomes a data standard as common as EPS is today.As director of Banta's digital content solutions lab in Cambridge, MA, Beyer believes that acceptance of


Jun 1, 1997 12:00 AM,

Consolidated Graphics CEO Joe Davis has an interesting-and successful-philosophy about the acquisitions strategy that moved his company from tenth last year to sixth place in 1997. He and his team at Consolidated like to acquire printing companies whose presidents won't act as if they've been acquired. "People ask me how I can run 20 different companies. I just say I don't manage 20 companies-those


May 1, 1997 12:00 AM, Michelle Hirshowitz

As we move towards the 21st century, the "space age" is no longer a science fiction fantasy. Technology is evolving at such a speed that the challenge for printers is to focus on ways to use the tools that best fit their particular market. The ultimate goal, of course, is to meet exacting customer demands.Being aware of current and future trends keeps printers one step ahead of the game. Although

Direct mail still a good buy

Jul 1, 1996 12:00 AM, Behrens, John C.

The Postal Service, which has endured its share of bad press in recent years, has refocused its message and advertising. This effort has given direct mail a shot in the arm that irks some and delights others. Postmaster General Marvin Runyon is even talking about keeping the price of a first-class letter unchanged for the rest of the century.Some are unhappy, however, that the Postal Service is using

Small size, big progress

Apr 1, 1996 12:00 AM,

this small Texas print shop turns out large-size shop quality by using digital technologyEd Grubbs and his customers don't believe that bigger necessarily is better.That philosophy may help explain the success of Communications in Print (CIP), the company Grubbs founded in 1978 in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, TX. Grubbs and six employees make up the entire staff. There is no outside salesforce;

A quicker pace: more quick printers are offering mailing, output, digital services to interest buyers

Jul 1, 1995 12:00 AM, Petersen, Debbie

Down-and-dirty work?" Uh-uh, not anymore. No longer does that phrase describe the work of quick printers, many of whom are intent on adding sophisticated services to enter new markets and better satisfy current customers.These days, shops provide service bureau functions and mailing services, as well as direct imaging and on-demand printing. Some intrepid souls also have tiptoed into such corners

Tackling family member compensation.

May 1, 1995 12:00 AM, Shelly, Donald F., Jr.

Most businesses in the printing industry are owned by one individual or family. Since stockholders also are managers, decisions about management compensation are made without regard to the effect on stockholders' value.If employees become shareholders in the business, the scenario changes. Majority owner-family members should be aware of how their compensation impacts stock value, and develop a formalized