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QuadTech to introduce ‘Performance Proven Guarantee’ at Ipex 2010

Apr 9, 2010 12:00 AM

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With a theme of “moving you forward,” the QuadTech (Sussex, WI) stand at Ipex 2010 will feature a wide range of solutions that enhance the performance of web presses, improving the quality, cost and immediacy of products printed in gravure, flexo or offset.

“Over our 30-year history, we have continually designed, built and invested in breakthrough technologies so that our customers can be more competitive,” says QuadTech president Karl Fritchen. “In the current economic environment, printers have an increasing need to improve margins and reduce waste. Our response has been to accelerate product development to meet this need and give our customers the impetus to fulfil their own future plans and move forward.”

QuadTech’s current product range covers the areas of register and ribbon control, color control, web inspection, and print-data management. Fritchen notes, “Ipex will see the launch of a unique ‘Performance Proven Guarantee,’ which is a quantifiable pledge to deliver nothing less than the best results possible.”

Key products featured at Ipex include the Color Control System with Instrument Flight and SpectralCam for all web widths. The latest version of the system captures 31 channels of accurate spectral color data from multiple points in each patch of the color bar. The data, converted into L*a*b* and densitometric measurements, is then analyzed by System Brunner’s enhanced Instrument Flight + L*a*b* to facilitate accuracy in color control and gray balance. Another new feature, Colorimetric Reporting, provides a tool for printers to color manage their entire production from prepress to printed output.

QuadTech expanded the support that it was able to give to packaging printers by the acquisition of Vigitek in 2008. Since that time the products have been integrated into the QuadTech stable with enhancements in functionality, reliability and servicing infrastructure.

The Newspaper Color Control System with AccuCam is an inline, image-based color control that optimizes control over an entire image by comparing image values with target aim points derived from the prepress file, in terms of CIELAB values.

Performance Proven Guarantee: When an order is placed, QuadTech specialists agree with the customer the level of performance improvement expected after installation. Performance is then tracked using the reports generated by the QuadTech solution. Customers who do not experience agreed-upon levels of improvements, after a specified period, are entitled to a full refund of the equipment cost.