November 16, 2016

Alumni in Print – Where Are They Now?

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is publishing profiles featuring some of their more than 6000 former scholarship recipients. This series gives you an up close and personal insight into the thoughts and motivations of the former students who are a part of our industry today. As our current employees reach retirement and leave, replacing them becomes an increasingly important factor for many companies. Here is one story…

A Profile

Carson BeylCarson Beyl graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012 with a BA in Communication Design.

How did you first get interested in the graphic arts, or decide to focus on graphic communications in school?

I was always interested in drawing and started to take night and weekend classes at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design during 9th-12th grade. I started with basic figure drawing and painting but eventually took a variety of courses including graphic design. Through this, as well as my work on the Yearbook and other school publications, I realized I enjoyed organizing information and solving visual problems for people.

Did you take any courses in high school that were related to graphic communications, or that prepared you for your planned career?

Yes, I took every graphic arts course that was offered and I also joined the school Yearbook club.

How do you think going through your education process prepared you for the workforce?

I learned not to be afraid of experimenting with old and new ways of creating things in high school – from oil paints to Adobe. In college, I learned basic design theory, craft and typography. Although the technology is constantly changing, I learned the invaluable skill of how to see as a designer.

In the Industry Today

What company are you working for now and what types of products and services do they provide to their customers?

A few months ago, I left my job as a web and product designer in New York City for a more traditional graphic design role in Asheville, North Carolina for a company called Seltzer Goods. They sell cards & gifts wholesale to stores around the world. I work on every aspect of their design – from greeting cards to promotional material.

PGSF Donate NowWhat job did you first have with the company when you started, what position do you have now, and/or what else have you done since joining the company?

I just started my latest job in October so that is still developing. When I first got out of college I started as a design intern at a digital agency in Manhattan called Isobar. After the first summer, I was offered a full time position there as a designer. I spent two years at Isobar before taking a Product Design position at Comedy Central. After two years at Comedy Central I decided to leave New York and try my hand at more traditional graphic design work.

What do you think employers are looking for in today’s workforce and the current industry environment?

People who aren’t afraid of change. You can never stop learning and trying different tools and methods. It’s also important not to be too precious about your work. It’s best just to stay humble and be eager about solving new problems.

Is there anything that you have found to be particularly different from what you initially expected, now that you’ve progressed through your work career for a period of time?

I remember when I graduated there was a lot of talk about print and traditional design being “dead.” I expected to work in web/app design for my entire career because there were so few opportunities in traditional print work. However, I don’t think that’s true anymore. Every medium is still relevant; it really just depends on the project.

Have you changed your plans or ideas about what area or type of job you might like to have since you first considered the graphic communications field and began studying for a career in it?

Not really. I started with an open mind and I am grateful just to be doing what I love every day – and getting paid for it!

What do you see yourself doing a few years from now?

Print and Graphics Scholarship FoundationHopefully still designing things that make people smile!

Was being a recipient of a PGSF scholarship important, or did it have an impact on your future or ability to succeed in the industry?

Absolutely! It enabled me to focus on my work at Carnegie Mellon.

PGSF works to inform young people about the opportunities that are available in the graphic arts industry and then support them during their educational phase. To learn more about PGSF, or how you can support its work, visit www.pgsf.org or contact John Berthelsen at jberthelsen@printing.org. PGSF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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