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Glunz & Jensen announces green CTP milestone

July 21, 2011

With over 700 systems already installed worldwide, Glunz & Jensen CEO Keld Thorsen says, “We are very happy with the success the PlateWriter 3000 has shown in such a short time.” Demand for Glunz & Jensen’s new generation of environmentally friendly plate making systems has surpassed expectations, according to Thorsen.

In May 2011, Glunz & Jensen officially launched the PlateWriter 3000 in the USA and Canada, the third generation of 2-up and 4-up chemistry-free CTP systems for small to midsize commercial printers. The PlateWriter 3000 delivers a remarkably robust image on metal plates, plates which rolls up quickly and cleanly on the press, then delivers 50,000 + impressions. It eliminates film and the associated chemistries, and drives CO2 emissions down by as much as 90%.

Mark Baker-Home, business director, Glunz & Jensen, adds, “The PlateWriter 3000 boasts innovative technology and sets new standards for the cost, flexibility and speed of plate making for small to medium format commercial printers. Printers can save both energy and money, in addition the iCtP PlateWriter offers a 100% chemistry free way of making plates while driving down CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to traditional plate making technologies. The PlateWriter 3000 shows that environmentally friendly plate making makes good business sense.”

Two major OEMs in the printing industry reportedly are in discussions with the Scandanavian head office of Glunz & Jensen about taking the PlateWriter technology under their own brands.

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