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Sustainable CTP

November 30, 2010

Rye, NY-based polyester plate manufacturer Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM) Inc. (www.mitsubishiimaging.com) presented its next generation of ecofriendly CTP systems, the new Processless DigiPlate PDP-VL and Thermal DigiPlate System, at Graph Expo.

The new PDP-VL plate will be available early next year in polyester or paper base, sheet or roll format, at various thicknesses. PDP-VL, compatible with most current violet CTP platesetters as well as Mitsubishi's soon to be released PDP CTP series, combines chemistry-free plate production with the offset quality and affordability of Mitsubishi Imaging's Silver DigiPlate. The new violet-sensitive PDP-VL plates use a polymer cross-linking technology that requires no chemical processing to create the image area. This plate requires only water for rinsing — no preheating, post-heating or gumming.

The 2-up, processless Thermal DigiPlate uses thermal fusing technology to create a high-contrast image on the plate without chemical development, wash-off or ablation. The system eliminates the need for chemicals, toner, ink ribbons, processor maintenance and chemical disposal reducing the impact on the environment.

See www.printprofitpreserve.com.

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