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Workflow, G7 solution and the latest CTP

November 30, 2010

Targeting high quality, short-run printing, Valhalla, NY-based Fujifilm's (www.fujifilmgs.com) Graph Expo demonstration featured the company's JDF-enabled Workflow XMF and 3D virtual proofing on the Digital Inkjet J Press 720 (see “Digital Domination,” AMERICAN PRINTER, November 2010). Workflow XMF is a pure PDF workflow that offers cross-media capability for digital and offset equipment. PDF content is preserved throughout the workflow and requires no internal conversions or file “flattening” to carry out job processing.

Fujifilm's Taskero Universe ColorPath Verified monitors the performance of all color equipment in the workflow and ensures consistent color output from different devices. The new Taskero Universe ColorPath Sync has the ability to optimize color in the G7 process and enables the creation of G7 curves for platemaking and printing to G7 conditions. The data resides in the “cloud,” allowing for easy access and historical tracking to G7 conditions.

Fujifilm showcased Rampage Systems' open prepress workflow, Metrix planning and workflow integration software, and the DesignMerge Pro Bundle variable-data printing software package. CGS technologies include ORIS Color Tuner // Web, which combines color management, high-speed output and proofing-specific media for inkjet printers. ORIS Press Matcher // Web colormetrically aligns different systems to one common repeatable standard. ORIS Ink Saver reduces the CMY components for all printed elements and optimizes the black separation while maintaining visual and colorimetric integrity.

Fujifilm's Javelin 8600N-S thermal CTP device with the single-cassette autoloader also was on the show floor. It produces 22 plates/hr. at 2,400 dpi. The Javelin 8600N-S, with a full range of automation options, supports Fujifilm's full line of Brillia HD digital plates.

Fujifilm Brillia HD digital plates accommodate long-, medium- and short-run applications and feature Fujifilm's MultiGrain surface treatment technology for rich tonal values, high resolution and reduced ink/water balance. Fujifilm showcased its line-up of no-bake thermal plates: LH-PJ and LH-PL; baked thermal plates: LH-NI3 and LH-PSE; processless plates: Ecomaxx-T, Ecomaxx-V and Ecomaxx-VN (newspaper); and violet plates: LP-NV2 and LP-NNV (newspaper). Fujifilm's Brillia LH-PJ, LH-PL, LH-NI3 and LH-PSE plates are compatible with Fujifilm's FLH-Z Processor with its ZAC Automated Technology Module, recipient of the 2010 InterTech Technology Award.

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