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Geographics receives environmental stewardship award

June 2, 2011

Atlanta-based Geographics Inc., a large privately-owned, integrated marketing solutions provider, has earned Orion Energy Systems’ “Environmental Stewardship Award” for the company’s reduction in energy consumption using Orion’s lighting platform.

At Geographics’ facility, 99 high-intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures were replaced with Orion’s Compact Modular, high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) technology.

Geographics project manager Jim Hagan says, “This was a very attractive project. We got a brighter work environment, reduced maintenance and [gained] substantial energy savings as well as the environmental advantages.”

The completed project reduces light-related electricity consumption at Geographics by 55%. Orion’s system is expected to decrease the amount of kilowatt-hours Geographics consumes for lighting from an annual 364,872 kWh to 121,150 kWh.

As a result of the decreased energy consumption is helping keep harmful greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

In total, Geographics will decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 162 tons/year over the life of Orion’s fixtures as a result of the kilowatt-hour reduction, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. During that same period, Geographics will reduce 0.6 tons/year of sulfur dioxide and 0.2 tons/year of nitrogen oxides.

As a result, Geographics is projected to cut its light-related energy costs 53%, from an annual $34,489.04 to $18,279.19.

“Geographics not only recognizes the economic benefit of reducing energy use, but also places a priority on improving the environment,” said Tim Glidden, energy consultant with Southpoint Solutions, the Orion Energy Elite Integration Partner that developed and implemented the project. “This project was a great opportunity for them to achieve both.”

“Geographics is honored to receive the Orion Energy Environmental Stewardship Award,” says Hagan. “As a green print advocate, we recycle wherever possible, and always look for ways to reduce waste. This project started with a need for improved lighting, but developed into saving more than energy.”

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