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Web-to-Print Evolved - Part 3

April 20, 2017

The Humans Behind the Machines: Effective Web-to-Print Support

In article 2, we continued our web-to-print series with learning how new technology can effectively integrate into any workflow. We’ll conclude in our third installment by discussing the people that make this technology possible.


Web-to-print is as exciting an industry innovation as any other in print’s long history. As W2P adoption steadily increases, we are taking a look at three areas where this technology can completely transform the way the average printer does business. Support for Photoshop templates drastically reduces the learning curve, flexible software features allow for effective integration into any workflow, and vendors have never been more knowledgeable at tailoring their solutions for the unique needs of any printer. Join us weekly as we learn how these features make web-to-print more accessible than ever.

This is Part 3 of the 3-part ‘Web-to-Print Evolved’ series. If you’d like to learn in-depth how new web-to-print technologies can change your business, read the white paper that inspired this series. 

You’re lost in the woods, it’s getting cold, and all you have are two sticks to rub together. Night is falling, and emergency dispatchers are ignoring your 911 calls. You feel a sense of dread in the pit of your stomach, similar to that one time all of the machines in your print shop ground to a halt. Lights and error messages flashed incessantly, and you could only trace the problem back to one thing: it’s that blasted web-to-print software. So you call the vendor, are put on hold for 20 minutes, and robotically read some technical jargon no normal human could possibly understand. In such a situation, you might as well be lost in the wilderness.

Web-to-print software is only as good as the vendor behind it

I can sing the praises of web-to-print technology all day long, and am doing so for a third consecutive article now. However, anyone should be instantly suspicious if a man in a trench coat says they have some magic infallible technology to sell you. At this point in time anyway, machines can’t “decide” to break. Technology only works as well as the human hands that built it, or in this case, coded it. So what happens when all hell breaks loose? In a perfect world, we can rely on those who built the technology to troubleshoot it and lead us out of the woods to safety.

With web-to-print, there’s no denying it: a lot can go wrong. The easiest way to avoid a catastrophe is to first choose a vendor that knows their stuff. As they say, preventative treatment is the best medicine. For web-to-print, this treatment is a dedicated team of experts that can help you integrate the technology properly and customize it to fit your personal project requirements. And, of course, stand by their product and help you through the troubleshooting process when things do go wrong. The software itself is important, but any printer in the market for a new W2P solution should be just as careful in vetting the vendor behind it.

Flexible W2P technology fits into any workflow

Good software is hard to make. Sure, this is a fairly obvious statement, but few people truly realize this fact before their cash is in the vendor’s pocket. There are so many moving parts in the web-to-print mechanism that are no easy task to for the average developer to bring together into a solid, cohesive product. Even the user interface for online web-to-print editors is incredibly complex, not to mention the power required to carry out important tasks on the backend, such as image processing through complicated algorithms and design optimization that allows large files to be uploaded to the web browser for customers to see. Customer’s Canvas meets all of these requirements, but this would not be the case if their team did not have dedicated experts in place to develop it.

However, a good product is only good if it’s implemented correctly. We’ve discussed web-to-print integration at length already, and it’s important to stress the necessity of people who know what they’re doing in this process. As Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to cut down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe”. Reputable web-to-print vendors should take this same approach by helping their customers audit their workflows carefully and develop a concise plan of action before pressing the big red button. This especially applies to software-as-a-service vendors, as any subscription-based service should include a continued relationship of support from the vendor whenever their customers need it.

Learn more about what vendors are doing to ensure that their web-to-print solutions work for everyone, not just the big players.

Another area where customers will certainly require a lot of support from their web-to-print vendors is ensuring that the technology is customized to fit their unique project requirements. This is why third-party ready-to-use toolkits like Customer’s Canvas are recommended over canned software that is too rigid for printers that have a lot of specialized jobs. Do you print wine labels for vineyards that need to see a 3D preview of their product before ordering? Perhaps you’ve cornered the custom hockey mask market and need an equally quirky workflow. Nothing is too farfetched when vendors created their product to be flexible and know exactly how to help you bend it to your needs.

Good vendors make W2P a reality for any printer

Any new technology comes packaged with a lot of mumbo jumbo. While said mumbo jumbo is critically important, good vendors understand it well so their customers don’t have to. Instead of being left alone with a technical manual thicker than War and Peace, printers everywhere can now rely on experts to integrate this technology effectively and tailor it to fit their project requirements. Everyone wins when passionate people stand behind their product, and that’s what we are seeing with vendors like Aurigma.

Customers Canvas higherres

Customer’s Canvas and technologies like it are the complete web-to-print solution for any print shop. The software is powerful, and the experts behind it can make sure that it performs reliably while meeting your unique needs. Don’t be late to the party! Now is the time to adopt. To learn more about web-to-print’s ability to inject your business with new energy, check out this white paper (link to white paper here) today.

This is Part 3 of the 3-part ‘Web-to-Print Evolved’ series. We hope you have learned a lot, but we’ve honestly just scratched the surface. For a much more detailed white paper that covers these topics and several others relevant to the web-to-print revolution touch the button below:


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