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American Printer, Publisher’s Note Spring 2013

March 31, 2013

Welcome to the Spring 2013 issue of the New American Printer!

The rebirth of this 130-year “young” publication of record of the printing world is a key part of the re-invigoration and continued transformation of our printing industry. As content creation and communication industries continue to collide, consolidate and evolve driven by technology and market forces, American Printer will serve as a “must have” resource for business and technology leaders and decision makers across all the segments of our industry. Our vision is to be a living example of print industry innovation and our B2Me platform leveraging data, analytics and digital printing technologies to deliver true individualized interaction at the scale and economics of publishing, is the core of delivering on that promise.

But it is the people beyond the platform that truly enticed me to grab the opportunity to be part of this movement. From AT&T’s Bell Labs, the cradle of many life-changing technologies through Vocaltec the creator of Voice Over IP to Pitney Bowes that shaped postal networks for most of the last century, I have been an incredibly fortunate participant witness to a vast array of inventions that changed how people live, work and play. In every one of those cases, I found the old adage “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration” to be inescapably true, with the act of invention only a small first step in the extensive journey of realization and implementation for true innovation. Andy and Julie Plata, Katherine O’Brien and a veritable extended family of print industry leaders and experts are collaborating across industry segments and companies to do precisely that – make the promise of digital technologies and the convergence of physical and digital communications real.

In the true spirit of B2Me, please feel free to reach back out to me and let us know how we continue to deliver and improve our value to you, each of you, individually.

Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan
President & Publisher

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