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NextGen: Young Leaders EDSF

July 14, 2012


Since 1997, the Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation (EDSF) has awarded 392 scholarships in 13 countries. Recipients include young people from Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, Dubai, Iceland, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Turkey, UK and the US. Scholarship criteria includes: scholastic achievement, honors, participation in school and community activities and organizational affiliations. By granting scholarships, fostering education, promoting research, recognizing leaders, encouraging innovation and garnering and disseminating knowledge, EDSF is shaping the future.

OutputLinks is proud to join EDSF in saluting and supporting the next generation of digital content and delivery professionals. We recently caught up with three EDSF scholars-what an impressive group!

Nicholas Gawreluk, New Media Publishing, Rochester Institute of Technology;
Scholarship Recipient 2011, 2010

Nick just completed an internship with Heidelberg in Germany. He is on track to graduate in Spring 2013 with a degree in New Media Publishing. Meanwhile he's volunteering with a local print company.

How do mobile, QR codes, multi-media communications and the Internet factor into the future of print?
As with all technology, these new developments will influence and, perhaps enhance, what we do in the print industry. I think the key is to look at the New Media as an opportunity for print to advance and prosper.

Anastasiia Solodovnyk, PhD, Printable Organic Solar Cells, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg; Masters, Printing, Moscow State University
Scholarship Recipient 2011, 2010, 2009

Anastasiia recently completed an internship in Beijing at the Institute of Graphic Communications researching how plasma can influence electrical properties of printed inkjet inks with metal nanoparticles.  She speaks Russian, German, and English and is learning Chinese.  She is currently studying for her PhD in printable electronics and solar cell production.

How do printed electronics and solar cells factor into the future of print?
Printed packaging currently has a strong position-that will continue for a couple of decades, at least. But the opportunity to print electronics and sources of renewable energies (as solar cells) is interesting and promising, IF our industry can offer efficient technologies. We are already very near that point- this can bring graphic arts industry in close cooperation with governmentally supported energy industries, resulting in greater financial support. I can already imagine a time when our current offset machines could be rebuilt to meet the needs of renewable energies production, just as legacy platen presses are converted into embossing presses for small printing shops.

My project at the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communications, China lasted four months-an unforgettable experience. Together with several Chinese Master students and under the close supervision of Professor Chen, we have developed inks with silver nanoparticles for inkjet, printed them on various polymer substrates and treated printed layers by argon plasma under different conditions to etch the protector that created resistivity and produce crystallized structure of silver on the surface. Conductivity checks showed good results that we are planning to report on at the Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties Conference.

Jason Landrum, Commercial Graphics & Marketing, Pittsburg State University
Scholarship Recipient 2009
Jason is a marketing associate and graphic designer for Vanguard Companies, a job he learned of via Facebook and Twitter. Vanguard produces packaging, labels, signage and retail displays for clients that include Walmart, Target and Petsmart. He is also an avid photographer and does freelance work in his spare time.

Any thoughts on the future of print?
Thanks to EDSF, I joined two other scholarship recipients at AIIM ON DEMAND. We were able to see hands-on where the technology is moving, why print is not dead, things that we need to watch for, and trends that we need to be aware of. We also got to network with people from the industry, and we really enjoyed it. It was a great time and we all learned a lot from that event.

There are so many new methods and new technologies available in the printing world. I always scoff a little bit when I hear people say that print is a dying media. If print's dead, then I might as well go ahead and resign right now and start walking home. We're going to see a huge marriage between the digital side and the print side of communication. Digital is here to stay, but so is print.

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