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June 30, 2013


Each year as part of the Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation’s (EDSF) Industry Spotlight program, four scholarship recipients are selected to attend a tradeshow. This year, the chosen students will be attending PRINT 13. “This is a great program that brings together students from different colleges, and many of them remain close friends afterwards,” says EDSF Executive Director Brenda Kai. “The program provides a chance to see the industry beyond the classroom walls. They walk the show floor looking at new technology, attend sessions and network with industry leaders. Many of our students make an immediate impression on the graphic arts employers—some of the EDSF scholars are actually interviewed during the show.”

This year, each of the students also will be speaking at EDSF’s Scholarship Night on September 10, 2013. Their names will be announced in August when the scholarships are awarded for the 2013 academic year. Here’s what two prior student attendees had to say about their experiences.

“What’s been really cool is seeing things that I’ve only just heard about. The printing processes have been out of this world. As a graphic designer, a lot of my work is done on a computer and then I send it off to be printed. It’s amazing to see all the different print techniques and all the new technology being used in printing.”

Lara Heinz
Lara graduated from
Seton Hall University with a BFA & BS in Graphic Design and Marketing. She is now a graphic designer with Evolent Health.

“One of the things we really picked up on during the conference is that companies consider their employees essential in setting themselves apart in the market. Everyone we talked with was very supportive of us as students and really encouraged us in our careers. They were very receptive to our ideas and made us feel that we would be making important contributions.”

Colby Kibbe
Colby received a master of science, print media, degree from RIT. He is an application support manager at Consolidated Graphics–TSSG.



We recently caught up with three past EDSF scholarship recipients. We think you’ll enjoy their insights on some common industry concerns.

Have you done any work related to sustainability?

“It’s a key focus for me, especially within the packaging industry. I participated in a research project the Rossini/FFTA (Flexographic Technical Association) funded. We explored 3D polyjet printing technology as a waste-less alternative for creating flexographic photopolymer plates. 3D printing offers an environmentally friendly way to create detailed photopolymer objects with no waste material. As this technology matures, it will provide many options for reducing waste.”

Andrew Wong

Andrew graduated from Ryerson University in May 2013 with a degree in graphic communications management. He recently joined Ellis Group, Paper Box division, as a prepress and packaging design specialist.


What are some of the changes you’ve seen in the industry?

“While web and interactive work continue to grow, printed forms are still widely used. I think the industry will continue along these lines by combining print and digital into interesting new mediums to transfer information. There are several mobile apps that allow print media to become interactive while you read it. We’re seeing an ongoing evolution in the way consumers interact with traditional print and digital media.”

Jesse Snyder

Jesse graduated from Kent State in June 2013 with a degree in visual communication design. He works as an interactive print/motion designer. Jesse also created TheWarehouseDesign.com, a website that distributes resources for designers. 

How do you respond when people say print is dead?

“One of the projects I worked on was an exhibit for Imagine RIT that was built around the idea that print is not dead. We created a variable-data postcard that used more than 500 images, 50 facts and an edition number to generate 1,500 unique postcards. We also utilized a clear varnish as dimensional ink and a QR code to showcase different interesting things print can be used for. It was a great exhibit and really reinforced the power of print!”

—Casey Jabbour

Casey graduated from RIT in 2012 with a degree in new media publishing and is currently looking for a position as an ad agency project manager. 

EDSF is a charitable foundation that supports the industry’s future by granting scholarships to students in support of their academic careers, by providing research grants to colleges and universities, by building awareness about industry careers, and by recognizing innovative educators and educational programs. EDSF serves vendors and users who design and implement document solutions for business applications.

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