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January 26, 2014

 Konica Minolta’s Sam Errigo shares some tips to stay on top of a transformative industry

Over the last couple of months in OutputLinks eNews, Sam Errigo, SVP at Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. has been sharing valuable industry insights, the strategic direction of Konica Minolta and the value the company brings to the industry.

According to Errigo, Konica Minolta has reinvented itself and more clearly defined its Enterprise Services Strategy over the past four years, to reflect its customers’ changing needs. “I’m passionate about this industry and making changes that will positively impact our customers,” he says in his OutputLinks executive article series. “Being a change agent is a big part of my personality.”

Errigo is responsible for the management of the Business Intelligence Business Unit, which encompasses the development of the services and solutions strategy for the direct and dealer sales organization. He heads corporate accounts and software development, software customizations, All Covered IT Services strategy and direction, BIS operations, vertical solutions marketing and solutions sales as well as Print Production solutions strategic development.

Lessons & Insights from Sam Errigo:

Lesson No. 1
Stay Ahead of the Curve

In one of his recent OutputLinks articles, Errigo explains that exceptional leaders are proactive. “You try to stay ahead of the curve,” he says. “At Konica Minolta, we are constantly looking at our business model and go-to-market strategy – tweaking and modifying for the future and changing our organization today to best meet our customers’ needs.” Indeed, this lesson from Errigo and Konica Minolta could be applied to any organization in the industry, especially in these rapidly changing times.

At Konica Minolta, they’ve transformed by further defining their range of solutions to better serve their customers. “We have the correct formula, both for unit placements, services and solutions and market share,” explains Errigo. “We have consistently grown market share year over year the last 5 years in our core business in conjunction with accelerated growth on our services and solutions business.”

Errigo adds, “We also have a solid product line that continues to win accolades. We’re doing the right things, not only on the hardware side but also on the solution side…Our transformation is really all about how we serve our customer and the value we deliver to their organization.”

Lesson No. 2
Competition Isn’t About Feeds or Speeds
In Errigo’s estimation, competition is no longer just about feeds and speeds; it’s all about how well you know the customer, how well you know their environment and their applications. “The more you know, the better positioned you are,” he says. “You build up credibility with the organizations that you serve and they begin to trust you as an adviser and as an architect for the future.” Of course, Konica Minolta takes this to heart.

“We provide the right level of support, solutions and technology that maps specifically to the business drivers that are important to our customers,” explains Errigo in his recent OutputLinks article series. “We thrive on serving customers ranging from small and midsize businesses, midmarket and the Fortune 1000. We are heavily invested in growing our market position in the commercial print segment through advanced workflow solutions that add value to our existing production portfolio. I take a special interest in our print production business as my marketing career started with providing technology services to this segment.” 

At Konica Minolta, Errigo and his team endeavor to think like business owners and printers who are constantly challenging the norm to find new ways to deliver value to customers. He says they constantly ask themselves, “If I were a printer, if I were in the graphic arts industry, what tools are needed to provide incremental value to my customers? How can I drive profitability? How can I differentiate my capabilities? We’ve always been on that cutting edge, trying to think differently and delivering the resources to the market to help the industry take cost out and drive incremental value to their operations.”

Lesson No. 3
Managed IT Is a Significant Growth Area
It’s an exciting and transformative time at Konica Minolta, especially as the company expands its technology and Managed IT services offerings. “Over the past four years, we have aggressively built one of the premier Managed IT businesses in the United States via our acquisition of All Covered, to support both our dealer and direct channels.”

From cloud to information management to IT services, All Covered helps companies have the information and tools they need to succeed in today’s ever evolving world, presenting a spectrum of technology solutions with more than 500 engineers in more than 25 markets.

“Our combined All Covered and solutions business is expected to approach a run rate of $200+ million in the US in 2013,” notes Errigo. “Our focus on Managed IT services is a key differentiator that our customers value and sets us apart from the competition.”

Konica Minolta’s long-term vision is to leverage its new EnvisionIT brand position that links its Managed IT Services along with its Managed Print Services, professional services, software solutions and aftermarket support.

Lesson No. 4
Managed Print Services Deliver Savings & Security
Errigo believes Managed Print Services (MPS) are going mainstream as enterprises seek cost savings. But as the market matures, customers’ expectations are growing, too. “The level of sophistication and support required to continually deliver long-term sustainable savings is going to be much more complex—the days of MPS providers securing business simply by offering discounts on hardware is no longer sustainable,” he says.

Konica Minolta’s Optimized Print Services (“OPS”) targets the upper SMB and Fortune 1000 customers. It combines consultancy, workflow efficiencies, fleet optimization, software integration, service and support for hardware and implementation services. The OPS process is based on the use of a tightly integrated data collection agent (DCA) and robust analytics to deliver comprehensive reporting that drives data-driven decisions related to managed print services.

“Current printing environments are comprised of unmanaged printing, imaging and fax devices that aren’t optimized or designed to deliver maximum potential to today’s business world,” explains Errigo. “Konica Minolta’s Optimized Print Services (OPS) is based on a proven methodology that delivers efficiencies to manage enterprise printing expenditures.”

Overall, Konica Minolta’s Optimized Print Services deliver real enterprise print savings via consulting, hardware, software implementation and workflow management. “Knowledge is power,” says Errigo, “and our in-depth understanding of customers’ print environments drives cost performance. We offer a single platform that links together all print elements to help our customers transform their print infrastructure… Konica Minolta is a true MPS partner!”

Lesson No. 5
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
“Built to Last” is one of Errigo’s favorite books. In one chapter (titled “Good Enough to Last”), author Jim Collins explains that visionary companies ask the right questions. Errigo says, “They’re not measuring their performance against competitors and they’re not content to rest on today’s results. Instead, visionary companies are always looking ahead—how can they improve tomorrow’s performance?”

Errigo agrees with Collins’ assertion that there is no finish line. “A visionary company is never satisfied with its results,” he says. “It invests in the future and adapts to newer ideas and technology earlier than others. I am here to tell you that Konica Minolta is a visionary company.”


Sam and his wife, Tara, have four boys, Nickolaus, Devon, Jordan and Tyler, who are 22, 21, 18, and 4, respectively. “They definitely keep us busy!” he says. “With my little guy right now, most of my time is spent teaching him T-ball and drawing. That’s my big hobby right now.”

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