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POLAR N 115 PRO Is An Important Jigsaw Piece

April 3, 2014

Ravensburger Karton s.r.o. relies on the cutting quality ensured by POLAR for producing jigsaw puzzles and children's games. On the Czech site, POLAR's high-speed cutter N 115 PRO has been in use for some weeks.

Since the previously used cutting machine was no longer meeting the higher quality requirements it was replaced by a high-speed cutter made by POLAR. Cutting the pasted and lined materials was a particular demand, because they tend to curl and do not lie flat.

"For me, the excellent cutting quality was the priority criteria to favor the machine from POLAR. This quality¬ improvement helped to reduce our spoilage and lowered the operating costs," says Peter Neff, the managing director of Ravensburger Karton s.r.o.

The operator working with the POLAR high-speed cutter has various features at his disposal for safeguarding the high level of quality:

  • Swivel backgauge: If the printed image is not positioned straight on the printed sheet, you can rotate the material parallel to the desired cutting line using the motorized angle compensation feature.
  • Tilting backgauge: Overcut and undercut tolerances can be compensated by changing the vertical position of the backgauge with regard to the knife.
  • Hold-down clamp at the backgauge: If the uppermost sheets of the ream to be cut are not level, they may slip away when the material is laid against the backgauge. The hold-down clamp at the backgauge helps to lock these upper sheets on the ream.
  • Fixomat: Converts the surface lay mark to a point-type lay mark. This allows to improve the alignment of cutting material with convex edges preventing it from sliding out of place or tipping over.
  • Hold-down clamp in front of the knife: Prevents the cut products from getting mixed up or drifting away during the cutting process.
  • About Ravensburger Karton s.r.o.
    Ravensburger is the leading supplier of games, toys and jigsaw puzzles in Europe. Its products are manufactured in Ravensburg (Germany) and in the Czech Republic and are sent from there all over the world. The Czech site has produced jigsaw puzzles and children's games since 1998 and now employs a workforce of around 150 people. The solidity of the jigsaw pieces is of the highest quality and highly respected in the industry.

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