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Crouser releases ‘Website Pricing Report’

July 11, 2011

Crouser & Associates has released a report on pricing websites, providing not only survey data from website providers but also giving guidance on pricing this function. Demand for websites is still very strong and the margins can be very good, Crouser reports. Even though websites have been around for 16 years, many businesses are still without a website or have an outdated site with little functionality and/or an inadequate online presence.

“Website creation services are a good complement for commercial and quick printers who are currently providing very similar marketing/advertising services for the very people who need websites. Although websites can and should be interactive and provide functions besides advertising (customer service is common), the basic concept is the same. That concept is to create once (typeset/pre-press or website construction) and reproduce many (produce duplicates or bring eyeballs to webpages). Likewise, sending out a monthly newsletter for an organization is not much different than doing the same function via email broadcast. Even HTML code will be familiar to those who have previously used phototypesetting machines,” according to Crouser.

The report is part of the Price Advisory Service provided by Crouser & Associates to subscribers of the Crouser Guide at no additional cost. The report may be purchased separately for $75 at http://crouser.com/web.

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