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Design website launches ‘Design-to-Print’ store for printers

June 28, 2011

Online design site Tweak.com plans to launch a “Design-to-Print” store for printers this summer. Tweak Printer will enable printers of all sizes to enter the web-to-print market and create an additional revenue stream for their business.

Tweak Printer is a store that users can set up in one week with no capital investment, no web development resources and no set-up charge. The solution offers access to a library of creative content with over 500,000 designs, including newsletters, brochures, large-format displays and more.

Tweak is offering one month of free access to graphic designs on Tweak.com when users sign up to Tweak Printer by July 1, 2011 (e-mail //americanprinter.com/processwire/page/edit/printer@tweak.com" mailto:printer@tweak.com">printer@tweak.com">printer@tweak.com).

Jerry Kennelly, CEO and founder of Tweak.com, says, “Tweak Printer is a game changer for small printers and we are very excited about the possibilities it opens up to the print market. There are no set-up costs, it requires no web development and it allows local printers to set their own pricing. Self-service design-to-print is the fastest growth area in global printing, delivering considerable savings to customers and printers and increasing supply chain efficiency. Tweak Printer allows printers to dip their toe in the web-to-print market for a very low entry level cost, and avoid losing customer relationships and business to the global web juggernauts.”

Tweak Printer will allow printers to create an online store, powered by Tweak, with trade pricing.

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